How Do Glytamins Work?

How Do Glytamins Work?

How Do Glytamins Work?

If you've been around natural health, you've likely heard the new way to deal with candida, parasitic and fungal infestations WITHOUT doing the lemon juice, olive oil and epson salt with liver gall bladder flushes. This saves a bunch of time and prep in detoxifying the body and having a healthy liver and gallbladder.

This can help treat a number of of issues like candida and parasites. The treatment also helps emulsify fats and deal with a number of stomach related issues.

We'll go over this in just a second, but first let's go over some common issues we see with the Liver, Kidney and Gall Bladder.

Common issues with The Liver, Kidney, and Gall bladder

Our Kidneys and Liver are key to our intestinal health. These are two of the main detoxification pathways for our body. One of the common issues are their inability to get all of the toxins out of the body.

The Kidneys help water soluble toxins pass through the body. The Liver is primarily responsible for removing fat soluble toxins out of the body. The gall bladder stores and concentrates bile from the liver.

When people start seeing disruptions of bile supply, a number of digestive issues can be created. This is also where we start seeing parasitic and fungal infestations start happening.

Bile disruptions can also be caused by other health conditions, dental fillings, and certain medications.

With the Kidneys, we see the build up of uric acid and calcium oxalate which lead to:

Kidney Stones

Gall Bladder and Kidney stones

Gallbladder stones and kidney stones are two of the most painful conditions. The primary cause for both is the build up of toxins within the body.

Kidney stones commonly are caused by a buildup of calcium oxalic crystals in your bladder. Over time, these calcium oxalic crystallizations eventually grow large.

While calcium oxalic is the most common cause of kidney stones, stones can also be created by uric acid crystals, or struvite stones (which are caused by a urinary tract infection). A key indicator of a problem is a build-up of water soluble toxins in the body.

Gallstones are caused by the imbalance of chemical make-up of bile inside of the gallbladder. This in turn causes the PH level of acids to be off in the stomach. Beyond stones, issues with bile levels can cause a host of other health issues that seem to have a vague cause.

Brain fog, low energy, and joint pain can all be linked back to improper bile production in the body.

Bile Neutralizes Stomach Acids

Bile does an amazing job at regulating the digestive system and keep it functioning well. This is why you can eat fatty fried foods without noticing any issues. The bile can neutralize the stomach acid to help you digest the food. The bile salts are then later reabsorbed by the small intestine in the digestive process.

So your body is constantly reusing the bile salts! Bile salts have both the cleansing effect as well as emulsifies fats.

Now when we have insufficient bile production, we are unable to balance out these acids. This is the start of the main IBS related symptoms and improper function of the digestive tract.

Biliary sludge and gallstones can accumulate in the liver, hepatic ducts and gallbladder, helping cause bile to backwash and causing alkali burns in the liver and pancreas.

It's a condition that has usually been solved by a liver gallbladder cleanse.

Older Olive Oil and Epsom Salts Cleanses

The traditional remedies for the back-up in bile sludge and the imbalance is doing a liver - gallbladder flush and a Kidney cleanse. This flush was popularized by Andreas Moritz as a total detoxification protocol for the body.

While a number of health experts swear by the detoxification protocol, it has a few key downsides:

The liver gallbladder epsom salt flush drains the body of bile fluid. So while the cleansing affect is good, it takes time to build back up the level of bile salts.

The cleanse is also is inconvenient as you have to be inactive for 24 hours and prep for 6 days to soften the gallstones. That may be difficult for people who have a busy and active lifestyle in today's world.

Also the cleanse isn't recommended for people who are on blood pressure medicine. This is due to grapefruit potentially having drug interactions and causing side effects.

Until recently, there wasn't much alternative than doing a cleanse.

Glytamins Detoxification Support

For those wanting to improve their gallbladder and liver health without doing lemon juice and epsom salt flushes, there is now a simple supplement that can support the body to get rid of environmental toxins.

This type of detoxification support may also help the underlying cause of biliary sludge and insufficient bile.

*Glytamins are a blend of amino acids and herbs. Glytamins have both the cleansing effect to the body as well as support to regenerate bile supply.

Glytamins suppositories replace the need to do liver and gallbladder cleanses. Scientific literature shows suppositories are superior to oral supplements in absorption of the medicine.

Glymatins are specifically formulated to improve digestive health. One of the biggest issues with oral medicine is it typically is broken down by stomach acids before it can be absorbed into the body.

Suppositories bypass this issue and allow easy absorption into the body. This helps clean out bile sludge and improve detoxification pathways. This also kills parasites as the digestive tract restores to it's natural PH levels.

The restoration of PH creates a balanced health environment and is helpful in resolving kidney stones, clearing out the hepatic ducts, and removing fat soluble toxins.

All of this enhances the body's overall well being. It may also clear up conditions where bile sludge and poor digestion was the underlying cause.

Unlike most supplements, Glytamins are a 10 pack course meant to be taken 1 time to solve the problem. A proper maintenance course may be needed every 6-12 months.


If you have a medical history of Kidney stones or gallbladder stones, you know how rough they can be. Stones are one of the most painful health conditions out there.

When traditional treatments aren't effective, it may be a good time to look at safe alternatives. Resolving kidney stones and gallbladder stones starts by by improving your liver/gallbladder health. We also know that a healthy functioning liver and gallbladder kills parasites and mostly eliminates the need for a total detoxification protocol.

Glytamins have shown to be as effective as epsom salts, olive oil, and lemon juice cleanses without depleting bile. Since bile neutralizes stomach acids and improves intestinal health, it helps other systems function better.

*A proprietary blend of amino acids and herbs: glycine, taurine, phosphatidyl choline, bupleurum, chanca piedra, dandelion, peppermint and magnesium di-potassium EDTA in a base of organic cocoa butter. For rectal use only. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

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