About QI

About Us

We as a company believe that every person should be given the chance to live a happy and healthy life. That is why we are doing our best to provide you with health and beauty products that are safe and effective. Our dream is to provide you with products that are not only cutting-edge, but also affordable. Health and beauty go hand-in-hand, that is why we came up with this company. A company that is meant to give you the best of both beauty and health.

From children to seniors, humans are dependent and laden with unnecessary drugs to keep their body away from diseases. And in turn, people suffer from much worse health conditions that humanity didn't have before. People easily get sick because of the food we eat in our modern time. Also, the lifestyle that we follow makes us more vulnerable to infections and health problems that our body should have protection from. We stress ourselves so much with work and the worries that come with living in a fast-paced era, where everyone competes with everyone.

This is why we are motivated to formulate products that will not only make you healthy (in the real sense of the word), but will also help your body to naturally restore its normal function, improve your immunity, and make you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. You are our inspiration and motivation to create great products—so great that you yourself will testify of its wonderful results to your loved ones.


What is Qi?

While there are many ways to pronounce it and spell this, Qi means the same thing across many languages. It means the “life force” or energy in every living thing. The Chinese history taught that this was the energy that seems to flow through and around every living creature. When you truly understand how this energy flows, you can construct exercises and therapy to live a longer fuller life.

The roots of Qi go back to Mo Di, a philosopher who believed that qi were the vapors that would rise if a corpse had not been buried deep enough. He also used it to refer to those who learned to protect their Qi in the stone ages by living in caves. Confucius also used Qi when he would refer to breath or blood, the life force of a person or living thing. You'll also find that Menicus used this term to describe the “vital energies” a person has when living.

In Chinese medicine, the Qi is always flowing in particular patterns. When these are disrupted, you experience disease or illness. By getting the Qi to flow back in it's natural pattern, you can restore health and vitality. You can also see this belief in other areas such as Feung shui, Qigong, and even in martial arts.