What supplements are good for the bladder?

      Vitamin C is great for your bladder, and helps to improve its overall health.

      Fiber also helps with bladder health, and it can be found in foods like whole wheat bread and nuts.

      If you're looking to maintain a healthy urinary tract, then there are medications available that can help with the treatment of some conditions such as overactive bladder or inflammatory bowel disease.

      What is the best supplement for overactive bladder?

      If you have an overactive bladder, try taking Bacopa on a daily basis for at least 2 weeks. This herb will help you relax and relieve the condition.
      What is the best supplement for urinary tract infections (UTIs)?
      Herbs like Echinacea can be taken to help reduce UTIs; also try adding garlic to your diet.

      What is the best supplement for pre-eclampsia?

      If you are pregnant, consider taking zinc supplements along with other vitamins and minerals. Zinc helps to keep the blood vessels strong and elastic.

      What is colon cancer?

      Some lifestyle choices can lead to colon cancer, such as smoking or drinking alcohol excessively.

      What herb strengthens the bladder?

      Pau d'arco helps strengthen the bladder, as well as improve bowel movement. You can also drink a cup of nettle tea every night.


      Bladder infection is a common condition because the bacteria which usually live in the bowel or on the skin may enter it. Most bladder infections are said to be due to Escherichia coli (E. coli).

      These bacteria need to be present for infection to occur. The symptoms of this condition can vary depending on how severe the infection is.

      There are 4 stages of bladder infection, they include:

      Urethritis- This is characterized by pain and burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination and chills (abdominal pain) sometimes accompanied by fever. Either the symptoms can be mild or severe, but in any case it is a serious infection.

      Pyelitis- This occurs when the bacteria get into the upper part of the bladder and cause pain and discomfort. This is accompanied by high fever and irritability. It takes a longer time to treat than urethritis because antibiotics have to be administered for a longer duration.

      Renal colic- The symptoms are as follows: sharp pains in the lower abdomen, sudden urge to urinate, sometimes followed by urine leakage (bladder infection). In this condition antibiotics are taken only for 48 hours because it could prove fatal if they continue for an extended period of time .

      Pyonephrosis- If the infection spreads to the kidney, the symptoms can be very severe. Increased urination, fevers, chills and abdominal pain could be experienced.

      What vitamins are bad for your bladder?

      Pregnant women should not take vitamin A supplements, as they increase the risk of developing a bladder infection.

      What food ingredients may cause inflammation of the bladder?

      Studies at Harvard University and Oregon State University have found that diets high in sucrose can be associated with more cases of urinary tract infections (UTI). Sugar substitutes such as xylitol appear to be just as harmful. Drinking more fruit juice than a person needs can also increase one's risk of UTI because it contains a number of beneficial ingredients, including vitamin C, but little or no sugar.

      What food is good for a healthy bladder?

      Try eating more foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, kiwis and peppers. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can fend off bladder infections. Vitamin C is known to boost the effectiveness of antibiotics, especially during an acute infection.

      What pain reliever is best for a bladder infection?

      Aspirin helps reduce inflammation in the urinary tract caused by bacteria that cause bladder infections. For pain relief, try taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen (which is better for men). Always take pain relievers as directed on the label or package label every 4 hours as needed until symptoms go away completely.

      How can I make my bladder stronger naturally?

      There are not too many natural remedies that can actually build up the bladder and strengthen it. The best natural remedies for bladder health are the ones that help build up the healthy flora in the intestines. These include yogurt, cooked broccoli and other green vegetables, and certain probiotics.

      How do I prevent bladder infections?

      Follow a healthy diet low in sugar and try to get enough sleep at night. Avoid smoking or drinking too much alcohol because they can increase your risk of developing a bladder infection.

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