Parasite cleanse after international travel?

Parasite cleanse after international travel?

Struggling with energy, brain fog, and mood disorders after traveling, Bryan needed a solution.

After a dream trip to the Maldives and spending 6 months in SE Asia, his energy was low and and he was struggling at work.

Originally Bryan thought it was just jet-lag, but 2 weeks in he realized something was wrong.

His symptoms started mirroring how he felt after having a bout with SIBO and Parasites 3 years before.

He started looking at the possible causes, and traced them back to a meal he had in Vietnam.

Then he started the Parasite and SIBO protocol he had used before.

Symptoms of parasitic infections

Parasites have a wide ranging affect and can be linked to a host of health problems according to Mount Sinai Medical School.

Some common symptoms are: Diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, and nausea. Beyond the common complaints is where the real issues with parasites show up.

According to the California Center For Functional Medicine, there are a number of longer term issues caused by parasites which include chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, and anemia.

These conditions can cause fatigue, brain fog, arthritis, joint pain and swelling.

Causes of Parasites

Parasites and yeast can have a number of causes.

A huge cause is contaminated food. Especially undercooked meat like pork. This is common with some food sources in Asia or developing countries.

As the parasites take home in the small intestines, these parasites crave sweet food. Parasites are worthy adversaries as they make tiny appendages on the intestinal tract of their host. As parasites drill holes, they colonize weak areas of the GI tract.

Normally bodies have excellent anti parasitic defenses, but when parasites take hold they are hard to get rid of. A poor diet and increased blood sugar levels contribute to the growth of parasites.

It's known that parasites dislike bitter foods.

Bitter foods may make the stomach upset. If you know you have a parasite, it's advised to eat bitter foods.

Bryan's Diagnosis

Bryan knew from trying to solve the problem for years, that diagnosis was tricky and vague. Diagnosing parasites is challenging unless particular strands are present.

Also Bryan's symptoms would come and go, which lead to the frustration years prior. He was misdiagnosed with depression before.

A parasitic infection is challenging on the immune system, but doesn't flag with regular diagnostic tests. In fact during lab work, Bryan's blood sugar and immune health appeared excellent.

This is why intestinal parasites are so difficult to diagnose. Parasites manipulate the stomach wall and intestinal track.

Using Zoiben to combat parasites and SIBO

Bryan used the parasite cleanse he had used in the past - A simple all natural anti parasitic proven to deal with the conditions.

Zoiben is highly recommended for Parasites and bacteria in the stomach.

What is Zoiben?

Zoiben is an all natural blend of 6 different essential oils as well as the bitter herb extract berberine.

These oils are known for their effects of killing parasites and their lack of toxicity to humans. The ingredients include Oil of Oregano, Thyme, Clove Oil, Ginger, Pine Resin and Pumpkin Seed Oil.

These oils harness the healing power of plants to detoxify and cleanse the body of unwanted organisms - Including yeast, parasites, and candida.

Zoiben is made in the USA in Oregon. There are no binders, chemical fillers, additives, or preservatives – only 100% pure natural ingredients.

Zoiben-6 essential oils

The Parasite Cleanse Protocol

Bryan followed the simple anti-parasite cleanse protocol which involved the following:

1 teaspoon of Zoiben at night before bed for 14 days. He did not use with olive oil which is recommended if Zoiben causes upset stomach or pain. 7 to 14 days is recommended for the parasite cleanse.

Bryan extended to 14 days because Zoiben did not cause any change to his activity level after the first 48 hours.


Parasite die-off symptoms

During the first 48 hours of using Zoiben, Bryan did not experience intense die-off symptoms that are sometimes reported in a parasite cleanse.

Bryan experienced mild stomach upset and joint pain the first 24 hours after starting the Zoiben Cleanse.

These symptoms disappeared after the second day.

Some people on parasite cleanses experience an intensity of die-off symptoms within the first 3-5 days of starting a detox protocol.

If this happens , it is recommended you consult your physician or reduce the amount of Zoiben you are taking.

Stomach distension can be common due to the die-off as well.

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Diet to Support Detox

Zoiben doesn't require a special diet, but it is recommended to improve effects of cleanse protocol.

The FODMAP diet by Monash University is recommended for gastrointestinal symptoms. The FODMAP diet was developed over 10 years ago to help treat people who had issues with IBS.

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols, which are short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that the small intestine absorbs poorly. Some people experience digestive distress after eating them.

During times of IBS, it is recommended to cut down the amount of high FODMAP foods.

The foods that are HIGH in FODMAPS may surprise you:

Agave, pickles, figs, sausages, and mushrooms are just part of a list that are high in FODMAPS.

When FODMAPS are reduced during the protocol, people are able to get an accurate assessment of improvement with the Zoiben cleanse.

Another item to work on is to completely eliminate sugar. A parasite infection feasts off sugar. This is the reason for the desire to eat sweets when you have a parasite infection. This also helps eliminate some of the other bad bacteria that can linger or if there are parasite eggs left.

As the parasites start dying, the lack of fermentation in the gut helps the immune system rid itself of the toxins.

Other Considerations

Exercise during the detox phase is fine unless experiencing detox reactions.
As the dead tissue from parasites and bacteria dies off in the GI tract, your body will eliminate the waste. During this period, drink extra water to encourage the excretion of the parasites.

Sometimes taste buds can change during the detox phase. The bitter taste receptors are put into hyperdrive from the Berberine extract.

You may have more bowel movements at the start of the cleanse protocol. This typically eases by day 3 as your body moves through the acute phase, unless your body is suffering from a biofilm infections.


Results of Parasite cleanse after international travel

After a month of upset stomach and mood disorders parasites affect, Bryan was able to rid himself of the unwanted guests.

The good news about parasites is they have the same weaknesses - bitter and aromatic plants.

He was feeling much better a week after starting the detox cleanse.

Within 2 weeks after the parasites dying, Bryan was able to start eating sweet and savory foods again and feel 100% back to normal.

He said "Good anti parasitic defenses are important when traveling to developing countries... Zoiben is the best."

Can Zoiben be used as a preventative during travel?

Zoiben is a bitter anti parasitic agent and is effective against many parasitic diseases. Research has shown it to kill parasites, yeast fungi, candida spores and help with SIBO.

Zoiben can be used in the maintenance phase during travel - which is 3 drops under the tongue before meals. The bitter flavors are a great anti parasitic.




What to do after a parasite cleanse?

Once you rid your body of parasites, it is advised to do a liver detoxification to get all the unhealthy tissue out of the body. This helps the body move back to regular bowel movements. Parasites give off toxins when dying. This may overload the body's lymphatic system for a period of time.

Also avoid eating from the same food sources. Most Parasites can survive weeks.

Parasites also deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals. Taking more vitamins, peptides and adding the amino acids glutamine may help restore energy.

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