Freeing Yourself of Wrinkles, Staying Tan, and Toned

Freeing Yourself of Wrinkles, Staying Tan, and Toned

Professor Richard of the University of California has practiced oncology for over 30 years; he has an MD and JD. Recently interviewed, he graciously said that many years ago, humans had very dark skin abundant in melanocytes, which shield them against the UV radiation of the sun that can cause skin cancer; therefore, they did not get skin cancer for over 100,000 years of living naked in the savannas of Africa.

He stated that light skinned people have a higher occurrence of squamous cell and melanoma than dark skinned people and that today in Africa albinos are born without melanocytes and entirely pale which makes them vulnerable to skin cancer if exposed to the powerful African sun.

A dermatologist, W. Wong, MD, Ph.D. stated that none of her dark-skinned patients got skin cancer and that only their feet sole could get melanoma due to inadequate MSH2 and melanocytes.

Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone 2 (MSH-2) a natural hormone that activates our melanocytes for skin darkening, helps avert skin cancer and enhance our appearance. This hormone also has many other important purposes that promote excellent health.

Some benefits of MSH-2 include;

The study of endocrinology shows that toning the muscles and firming the skin is crucial. This is because MSH-2 works collaboratively with other anabolic hormones; testosterone, DHEA, IGF-1, growth hormone and estradiol to make the skin resilient and strengthen the muscles, particularly in youngsters because they exhibit naturally high levels of these hormones. People over the age of 50 have inadequate anabolic hormones causing the skin to pale and sag and the muscles to deflate.

In people aged seventy or over, the muscles become extremely fragile and most at this age cannot stand up easily from an armchair. Sarcopenia, a condition common in older people, increases the chance of falls because this condition restricts muscle movement and maintenance of balance.,

These aforementioned anabolics perform together to boost growth of muscles and skin. Professor Richards explains that African American athletes, and even just athletic African Americans typically exhibit very well developed musculature, notably their triceps. This is due to their naturally high levels of MSH2, working in synergy with other anabolic hormones.

Acute or Moderate treatment for wrinkles

Severe or moderate wrinkling, require an experienced anti-aging dermatologist who usually practices chemical peeling and facelift.

Dr. Hertoghe's protocol has been a positive strategy for the last 4½ years in preventing acute or moderate wrinkling that almost regularly happens during advanced aging. His protocol advocates a Paleolithic diet, daily exercise, balanced nutrients, and hormones, particularly twice-daily consumption of growth hormone, MSH-2, and IGF-1. These are known as the Hertoghe Cocktail or Formula (2).

The Hertoghe formula results for the scientifically minded

Hypothyroid blood values of T4 and T3 improved from 0.8ng/dl and 63, respectively, to euthyroid blood values of 115 and 1.2 ng/dl after a thirty-month treatment while Thyroid Stimulating Hormone remained restrained at 0.07 μIU/ml.

A hypogonadal blood value of total testosterone (T) recovered from 230 to a very youthful eugonadal level of 1021 ng/dl. Serum estradiol only rose from 27 to 31 pg/ml in male patients considering minimal increased aromatization of Testosterone to Estradiol (E2). Then, 24-hour urine tests showed that a total of five 17-hydroxysteroids was extremely raised to 10,607 μg/ml when the trial started. Afterward, they normalized to 7,395 μg/ml after a thirty-month treatment (normal range being 5,000 to 10,000 μg/ml). Some aspects of aging are averted by Ameliorating cortisol and its metabolites slowing the catabolic destruction of the body.

When the trial started IGF-1 rose from a very inadequate 8 78 ng/ml level to 177 ng/ml, a thirty-month treatment level more in line with people in their 40s. This formula is available via Russian peptide bioregulators combination Testoluten, Thyreogen, Endoluten, Glandokort, and Ventfort, in combination with MSH-2.

Using Hertoghe Formula for 30 months will enable your body endocrine glands to repair and regularly generate hormones at levels equal to people decades younger than you. Like in the case of Jeffery Life, 60 years old MD, who has followed the treatment and his body is like that of a complete athlete. He advises that by following Hertoghe's formula, after a thirty-month treatment older person can achieve superior toned and tanned body with a six-pack.

Commit to 30 months’ treatment with the Hertoghe Formula you'll attain what Dr. Life and other knowledgeable anti-aging doctors encourage. Using the approaches of Professor Richard's, Dr. Wong's and Dr. Life's will greatly enhance your appearance and your health.