Does Zoiben Really Work?

Does Zoiben Really Work?

If you've ever had a candida, yeast, or parasite infection, you know how hard it is to get rid of. Once in the biofilm, parasites and yeast don't go away easily.

Maybe you've read the hundreds of testimonials about Zoiben. But you are left with the question - Does Zoiben really work to get rid of parasite infections?

On the web, there are over 500 testimonials and 80% of Zoiben sales are based on recommendation from someone else.

We'll go into great detail in just as second, but lets first discuss what problems Zoiben solves and how it works.


What Causes A Yeast or Parasitic Infection?

Intestinal parasites are caused when the gut health gets out of whack.

We always have good bacteria in our stomach - but the bacteria can get out of whack.

We can break the causes into two main categories:

A. Parasites - Which are typically caused by raw or undercooked meat, travel, and unclean water to name a few.

B. Yeast infections - which is when bacterial overgrowth like Candida takes over. This can be caused by acidic diets, antibiotics, steroids, or Alcohol. Other known causes are birth control pills, acute or chronic stress, and chemotherapy.

Stomach worm issues

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections

Parasites in the digestive tract are notoriously hard to diagnose. Around 50 million cases are diagnosed annually, with likely 3X more cases undiagnosed. Unless you get a positive confirmation with a stool test, many times they go unreported.

This is especially true of biofilm infections, where the parasites build up a defense layer in the biofilm of the gut lining. These infections start robbing the body of essential nutrients. When the body gets low on essential nutrients, a host of issues from mood disorders to a weakened immune system can become present.

White blood cells also get stuck in the biofilm so our immune system has a harder time fighting infections.

This is where Zoiben has developed a reputation for being a simple, effective treatment to kill parasites and yeast infections.

Good bacteria in stomach

Are Zoiben Parasite Cleanses Effective?

If you scroll down on the Zoiben product page, you can can read over 140 testimonials on this page alone, with an average star rating of 4.69. You can also read on google with an average review of 4.9. Some of the testimonials, like Mike's below were absolutely life changing.

Another common use is after international travel.

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Zoiben has shown to be effective in treating a number of common types of parasites and worms including tapeworms, roundworms, and flatworms. It's also effective at killing protozoa.

Why Does a Zoiben Parasite Cleanse work so well?

Improved mood and increased energy are some of the biggest benefits to using Zoiben. Who doesn't want that, right?

The key is to understand why Zoiben works so well.

Zoiben contains 6 different essential oils as well as the bitter herb extract berberine, all of which are known for their effects on parasites and lack of toxicity to us.

The key is that plants DO have a good anti parasitic defenses, while humans do not. Animals are more adept at doing a natural parasite cleanse through eating bitter and aromatic plants to rid themselves of a parasitic infection.

With the invention of processed foods and less nutrients in the food, the human body is adept at eating some form of anti parasitic herbs in their diet. This has created more of a need for herbal supplements to kill parasitic infections.

Zoiben vs. Other treatments

With a parasite infection, the common doctor recommended treatment is Metronidazole or Tinidazole. These are recommended when test results come back positive. While these can be an effective treatment, antibiotics are strong prescription medications and are hard on the body. They may also upset the gut flora in the GI tract and lead to candida and other yeast infections.

This is why it's not recommended to take antibiotics and steroids for long periods of time. They are also rarely recommended by a naturopathic doctor unless absolutely necessary because antibiotics at times can do more harm than good. Natural medications are easier on the immune system and don't have as many unwanted side effects.

Zoiben has proven to kill intestinal parasites, tapeworms, and roundworms with minimal if any side effects. Most of the side effects are centered around die-off systems, also called the Herxheimer Reaction. This can happen with strong herbs are added to a diet for cleansing.

The Herxheimer Reaction is a healthy response to your body riding itself of parasites. It can be reduced by opening your detox pathways.

detox pathways

Increased Results With Zoiben By Opening Your Detox Pathways

While Zoiben is generally effective on it's own, it's possible to speed up the body's healing and improve the immune system by opening your detox pathways.

This will reduce the flu like symptoms that sometimes come from the Herxheimer Reaction. It will also support cleansing the rest of the body of unwanted organisms and bacteria.

Some things it helps detox from:

Heavy metals
Gallbladder stones
Sand in the kidneys
Fatty liver disease from alcohol

Most of the issues people share doing a parasite cleanse are centered around the detox pathways not being able to get all of the parasites or heavy metals out. This is why without the right process a parasite cleanse can do more harm than good.

It's also a common reason why a parasite infection can linger. Most parasites when they die off release toxins. An overloaded colon and intestines can't get all of these out.

The Solution?

Support your body by natural detoxification systems.

Increase exercise (hot yoga),
Water intake
Hot Saunas
Liver Cleanses
Eat a clean diet

Pro tip: One of the benefits of opening your detox pathways is typically weight loss and more energy. We've seen a lot of "mystery diseases" go away when someone would start improving their ability to get toxins out of their body.

Signs of open detox support


Regular Bowel movements
Decrease in diarrhea doing detox
Feel satisfied when eating
Improved mood and energy


Parasitic diseases like worms can absolutely wreck our health - causing things like abdominal pain, issues with blood sugar, and diarrhea. Left unchecked, this can lead to more serious issues like mood disorders and loss of essential nutrients.

When buying a supplement or taking medications, we want to know how they work. Natural herbs have less side effects for humans and have shown to be effective at dealing with parasite infections.

Zoiben has proven to be an effective choice for parasite cleansing. It has natural anti-parasitic ingredients like organic pumpkin seed oil, clove, and berberine. These bitter flavors are the hallmark of an effective parasite cleanse.

When doing a parasite cleanse, remember flu like symptoms are common as the parasite organisms die off. Most people will feel better in 1-3 days. The process can be sped up by adding support by opening the body's detox pathways.

Some positive side effects of doing this may be weight loss, clear skin, and more energy.

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