Senior Sex:  At what age does a woman become sexually inactive?

Senior Sex: At what age does a woman become sexually inactive?

A satisfying sex life is important for women's health. But with older age, sexual desire can decrease due to changing health factors. Yet, a healthy sex life is more than possible by minimizing health concerns and making a few simple changes.

People ask questions like:  Can women enjoy sex after 50?  

What about sex at 70?

Hint:  Women can be sexually active well past their 80's.

So don't get discouraged if you're having difficulty reaching orgasm or finding pain in certain sexual positions.

We'll go over how to manage conditions and make it possible to enjoy sex again.

First let's look at the causes and peak

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When do Women Peak Sexually?

Women's sexual peak age is in their 30's.  They typically have a constant level up the age of 55, unless there is some type of medical issue.

What Causes sexual function to decline?

There are a number of things that affect sexual function. Some are part of the aging process (such as menopause) and others can be the caused by medications or physical changes in the body.

Menopause and the menopausal transition (typically in the 50's and 60's) marks changes to the levels of estrogen and progesterone, two female hormones key to reproduction.

Menopause leads to the classic symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Some other causes of sexual dysfunction:

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Medication issues

High blood pressure medications, prescription drugs, and medication to treat depression can lead for sexual difficulties. These types of medications, while sometimes required have a huge affect on physical health.


Depression is also common in postmenopausal women. Women can develop a poor body image due to changes. Depression decreases sexual interest and creates a shock to the body's hormones and can manifest into other health issues.


Diseases can affect sexual desire and create other sexual problems. Aut0-immune diseases, breast cancer and diabetes all effect hormones and sexual behavior.

Before we talk about how to deal with these causes, let's look at some of the symptom's of sexual dysfunction:

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

Here are some of the key symptoms to know of sexual dysfunction

Painful intercourse
Vaginal Dryness
Hot Flashes
Dry skin, eyes, or mouth
Irritability, mood swings, and other emotional changes
Weight gain
Low levels of of energy
Loss of genital sensation
Frigid woman syndrome

What does a fridge women mean?

It's a term to describe the inability of a women to have an orgasm during sex.

While dealing with a loss of sex drive can be frustrating, there are a number of things older women can do to keep an active sex life.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Sex Life

Just because we age doesn't mean we can't stay sexually active!

You can deal with many medical conditions naturally as well as use treatments or hormone therapy.

Let's go through a few different ways we improve sexual function.

Create A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can have a dramatic increase in our sex lives. Many women don't realize how much the foods we eat affect sexual function.

Cutting out processed food, not drinking too much alcohol, and eating according to our body type can have a huge impact on our overall sexual health.

A healthy diet regulates our hormones and allows our body to repair itself naturally. It helps control blood sugar and also increases life expectancy.

Stimulate Natural Hormone Production

Woman can stimulate natural hormone production with hormone therapy or by using peptides.

Natural short chain peptides such as Kisspeptin help restore sexual organ function and also have been linked to increased sexual desire. Peptides are affective because they target protein synthesis and increase the body's ability to restore itself naturally.

When targeting sexual disfunction, be sure to add in a peptide to increase thyroid production as low thyroid function is is a key underlying factor to overall health.

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Increase Physical Activity

Many times poor health can be linked to lack of energy in older adults. More physical activity can help prevent heart disease as well as increase sexual satisfaction.

You can also do workouts that will help make a more enjoyable sex life. Pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels can strengthen the vaginal walls and help sexual intercourse be less painful.

Also the endorphins from physical activity can increase our desire for sexual expression.

Just do it! Physical activity is good for your life expectancy and desire for sexual activity.

Add In A Massage Chair!

Massage chairs are known to have are a great way to improve stress, tense muscles, and anxiety. From improved blood flow to improving lower back pain, a massage chair can help.

Massage chairs also can help improve sleep quality and can help balance out your hormones as well.


Physical Activity

Make Being Sexually Active FUN!

Why do some people lose interest in sex?

Because it starts to become a chore instead of something we enjoy. Whether it's erectile dysfunction for men or fear they can't perform sexually for women, sex becomes stressful.

It doesn't need to be.

Seeing a sex therapist can help improve key factors that help us have enjoyable sex life. If sex therapy isn't your thing, here are a couple ideas to make sexual activity fun again:

Focus on more sexual intimacy and work to arouse desire before sex. As women age their sexual organs may need more time to warm up due to decreased blood flow. Take time to create desire before vaginal intercourse.

This can also help with some of the pain that may affect desire for sexual contact.

Look at sexual fantasies and remember what it's like to be in your 20's again.

You don't have to act like your age group:). This can also help with the arousal before sexual activity.

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Look - you can regain that sexual desire and have a great sex life.

We can't control all of the things that affect sex as we age.

What we can do is manage some of the risk factors that cause sexual problems. Improving our energy through a better diet is a great first step. Stimulating natural hormone production with peptides can help as well.

You got this.

Further resources:  

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