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Bruce S from SC, Contractor

my peptide story

My name is Bruce S and this is my story. In august 2011 my cardiologist gave me 5 years to live. a heart cathe and ultrasound revealed that I had congestive heart failure, a weak heart, 2 leaky valves, at risk for stroke and sudden death, and a heart functionality between 35-40%. Things stayed that way until the summer of 2015 when my heart function went down to between 25-30%. Not long after that I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and AFIB. It seemed things couldn't get much worse. In 2017 with natural medicatons my heart function is at least 36%. I'll have another ultrasound in June of 2018. My cardiomyopathy is almost gone and my AFIB is under control. The only thing left now is the congestive heart failure. With all the improvements I'd made I still needed to deal with my congestive heart failure and believe I struggled on a daily basis with headaches, dizziness, brain fog, and water retention.My homeopathic doctor told me about peptides, especially Chelohart, he even gave me an article to read. After much debate I decided to give them a try. From what I was reading peptides seem to work better in conjunction with another one. For instance Chelohart works good with Ventfort. I thought what have I got to lose. I ordered them and started taking them and to my surprise what a difference they made. My headaches, dizziness, brain fog all disappeared. In just about a week I was able to work out at my usual time which is early morning. Not only that I was able to do work outside my home. I'm a contractor and haven't been able to work eight hours a day on a consistent basis since 2014. By taking peptides I was able to see some dramatic changes in my lifestyle. One, I had an a tremendous increase in physical strength and stamina. Two, had another increase in cardiovascular endurance. Third, I still deal with water retention, but not nearly as bad. Fourth, a decrease in my blood pressure and resting heart rate. Last of all, no more brain fog. For the first time in a very long time I'm able to think on my feet and make quick decisions.

I forgot to mention about not being breathless. I just can't begin to tell you how much better I feel with peptides. I wish I'd taken these sooner. To me these are miracle workers. A lot of people know what I deal with on a daily basis and they ask me how I'm doing i tell them about feeling better and what I'm doing to feel that way. I also tell them, " I'm still walking on top of the grass."

Stem Cell Worx - Testimonial

Here's what sold me on it Stem Cell Worx from QI Supplements. I'm a 64 year old masters track athlete (100m and 200m sprints). Around 2 years ago when I upped my training regimen to both weight and sprint training 5-6 days per week, I experienced severe DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) that wouldn't go away. My legs and shoulders hurt all the time - day and night! Since then, I thought it was just part of the trials & tribulations of being a senior athlete. What I subsequently learned in researching my recently published book “Break Free From Low T” is that adult stem cells are needed to repair muscle damage that occurs as a direct result of working out to build stronger muscles. The problem, however, is that older adults have a fraction of the adult stem cells that 35 year olds have. Note: Stem cells are needed for muscle repair and rebuilding. Hence, for seniors, DOMs occurs frequently as a result of exercise and just doesn't dissipate as it would for a person at age 20 to 35.

After taking 10 sprays (instead of the recommended 6 sprays) twice per day for 30 days, my persistent DOMs went away. WOW! Today I get DOMs for a day or 2 after a heavy sprint or weight training session, but it dissipates after 3 or 4 days permanently. FANTASTIC!

BTW, I upped the sprays from 6 to 10 because I read a testimonial by a 30+ year old teacher in SE Asia who worked out heavily and recommended 10 sprays instead of 6. Even though he was 30 or so years old, I felt that if he was getting a better response at his much younger age than me from Stem Cell Worx by doing 20 sprays per day, I should try doing the same. Frankly, when I tried the first bottle and did the recommended 12 sprays per day for 44 days, my DOMs didn't dissipate at all. I think the higher spray count is what I needed because my second bottle using 20 sprays per day did the trick within a week or so.


Ed Parr

Austin, Texas

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