Wellness and Anti-Aging Supplements

      At Qi Supplements, we offer a wide array of supplements for overall better health and wellness as well as anti-aging supplements. Read on below to discover some of our different wellness supplement product offerings:

      Anti-Aging Peptide Bioregulators

      At Qi Supplements, we have a vast array of Peptide Bioregulators. Peptide bioregulators are often referred to as ‘nature’s gene switches.’ They were invented in Russia in the 1980s by the Kremlin, and have shown to bypass the protein synthesis by interacting directly with cell DNA. This basically means that body tissue and cells can regenerate faster when taking peptide bioregulators.

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      Not only is this a great anti-aging supplement, but peptide bioregulators also help with:

      • Enzymes
      • Hormones
      • Blood clotting
      • Eye receptors
      • The immune system
      • Regulating fluid balance
      • Structural role with muscle and body tissue;
      • and more

      Check out the many peptide bioregulators we offer:



      These two products are good options if you’re looking for a supplement to detoxify and cleanse the body:

      Inflammation & Heart Health

      These products may help with pain and inflammation in the body, as well as work as blood thinners to improve overall cardiovascular function.

      Hair Growth

      We even offer a supplement for thicker hair and hair growth:

      Eye Care

      It’s important to take care of your eyes as most of us have extended exposure to screens more and as we age our capacity to see also deteriorates. Here are some useful supplements:



      Melatonin is produced naturally in the body and it is a good supplement for regulating circadian rhythm and the immune system. It’s a great natural sleep aid.

      Other supplements

      Check out all of the other supplements we offer for anti-aging and overall wellness from products for tooth care to alkaloids to more peptide bioregulators.

      We hope this gives you a good overview of our offerings when it comes to anti-aging supplements and wellness supplements. Be sure to check out below for even more supplements.

      201 products

      201 products