Who Is Afraid Of Health?
Known throughout the world for his discoveries related to melatonin, to the pineal gland and to immunological identity, the author openly denounces the obstructionism by the pharmaceutical cartel to accessing really effective therapies for restoring health and preventing the onset of degenerative diseases.

Such an unlikely question finds prompt answers which everyone awaits or senses. These obvious answers are in everyone's mind, but few dare to answer. In fact, not many know that almost everyone fears health! Why?

But it is obvious. The planet’s economy nowadays relies on health management and the longevity of its inhabitants.

Forget oil and gas! It is all about money circulating. Everybody profits and gains by it: governments with the taxes and profits generated by those involved in health; producers of drugs protected by patents or generated from pharmaceutical chemistry; laboratories; manufacturers and operators of very expensive so-called diagnostic and even therapeutic equipment; doctors, specialists, psychologists, hospitals and all kinds of healing or rehabilitation facilities; pension funds; the "hidden persuaders" that rattle off all sorts of remedies which, in their view, help to prevent, maintain and recover. The entire economy revolves around health and therefore, of course, no one is sincerely interested in health, apart from sufferers who turn to the "saviours".

Since 1960, when I graduated in medicine in Milan, there has been a progressive and massive intrusion of chemistry in medicine and in general as a replacement of Nature. Having returned to dealing with patients in 1996, after years of intensive and continuous research from 1960 until 2008, I found myself in the midst of this chemistry madness.

Apparently Man, who had been in harmony with Nature from the beginning of the world, thought he could replace it and invent "intelligent molecules".

At first he discovered useful ones like the first antibiotics, then he modified them in order to patent them and make good money. Patenting the molecules invented by these human brains was only possible for those who had the capital to register and maintain these patents. I registered several, but I have had to abandon them because of the costs. And please note, these were natural molecules of extraordinary therapeutic interest such as melatonin, TRH and finally the incredible transferrin.

Years and years of hard work and expenses, to then find myself against a wall of silence and icy hostility: the natural molecules which are of immense therapeutic value have untouchable enemies ready for anything.

Moreover, Medicine is now totally lost among the details of chemistry, genetics, molecular biology, entirely forgetting how wonderful the body’s physiology is. This is why we get ill and die as much or even worse than we used to, like costly and annoying scrap parked in ghostly clinics and hospitals.

This is why I want to explain what has happened since 1960, and how medicine is today devoted to the creation and maintenance of chronic diseases and to the enormous profits gained from diseases and the chronically ill. Degenerative diseases are the largest sources of income and profit in the world, in a Destructive System camouflaged as "medicine”. The masquerade is now complete and we no longer know what pietas is and to whom we should turn. In fact, medicine Managers are themselves drugged and live hopelessly in the comfortable and ineluctable cage of their drug induced oblivion: thus one goes from loss of consciousness to death. I wrote about this in a chapter of my book L’Uomo senza Età. Dimenticare il tempo. (The ageless Man. Forget time), Morlacchi Editore, Perugia.

The metamorphosis years from animal to robotic machine

Having interrupted my path as a physician in the early 60s in order to devote myself to research in various medical disciplines such as immunology and endocrinology, I witnessed the rise and decay of various fashions, such as that of immunology, dominated by groups based in the US in cahoots with The Journal of Immunology, which awarded Nobel Prizes to esteemed researchers such as Jerne, Adelman, Benacerraf, unreachable stars whose discoveries I've never understood. My fault. I could not believe that the body was chopped up into cells and molecules that did not speak to one another and ignored other molecules that regulated them. I thus began to believe that it was impossible to understand the body’s function, ignoring the prominent and ubiquitous factors that control every moment of life, namely hormones.

My stubborn interdisciplinary research in fact led to the memorable work published in Nature in 1967, where I demonstrated that the body is made up of a network of cells and factors which are inextricably linked to each other. But these discoveries, which queered the pitch for many, went unheeded waiting for new geological epochs. Since the 60s, and with an impressive growth rate, I have seen medicine become chemistry and the body transformed into a "receptor" of strange man-made molecules, whose purpose is to change what Mother Nature has chosen and selected over billions of years. These molecules are the various drugs. But behind this breath of fresh air the race to patent such molecules had broken loose; this patent protection is only possible for the powerful pharmaceutical companies and has produced economic returns that escape those who count their pennies. In fact, a new world of chemistry and profits had been created, one which deliberately obscured any possible advancement of knowledge regarding the physiology of the body.

As for me, as I was immersed in integrated research and being impervious as always to trends and to genetic and molecular distractions, I found myself in an alien world, where real discoveries are troublesome and should be ignored. What one does not talk about does not exist, or it is talked about simply to confuse the reader.

In my case, I woke up from my childhood illusions when my research that led to the bestseller in the US The Melatonin Miracle in August 1995 was published. The news shocked the scientific world and drew the hatred of many towards me, taken by surprise by the unexpected "miracle". Today still, after almost two decades, drug manufacturers, Swiss and Germans in the first place, decided to burn the melatonin witch at the stake, as she is the dangerous advocate of a type of health to which we are not accustomed. True health is unpopular for those profiting in cahoots with a large number of fixers among which I include drug manufacturers, their doctor servants, international health organisations (WHO in Geneva), pharmacists, hospitals, manufacturers of expensive and largely unnecessary diagnostic and "therapeutic" equipment and last but not least the Governments that pay precarious pensions and certainly do not like to hear about "longevity". Everyone is afraid of health!

However the absurd and grotesque aspect of the story is that melatonin has only opened the world of the pineal gland and of the real possibility of preventing all diseases and of reversing the ageing process, or at least of leading us painlessly and with no diseases to the deadline of mammal man’s life, which also disturbs the sleep of those who hate health.

The abominable affair of the Swiss melatonin

Do not be deceived. The Pharmaceutical Powers have now taken over the world and made us all servants of the System. Certainly many of us have the anguished awareness of this drama, which has now reached historical dimensions.

It is indeed an event that will leave deep scars and a trail of death at an expensive price. Allopathic medicine, which is based on chemical and biochemical man-made drugs, was born after the end of World War II and asserted itself under the protection of patents and of a growing power of promotion and sale that has no equal in history. Pharmaceutical companies, led and supported in Switzerland and in Germany by the Governments themselves, proud of the increasing turnovers (sic!), are now the masters of the world and do not even hide this.

The fact, which is well known to me, that drugs do not help to cure any of the most common diseases (degenerative, autoimmune and cancer), is proof that the purpose of these pharmaceutical potentates is not in any way to "cure" diseases, but to "maintain" them! In fact, we speak of "care" and not of "cures". The phenomenon is so strong and minds are so clouded by the System, that it is now impossible to do something. We can only wait, be it years or decades, until something happens which must necessarily originate from the growing awareness of those who suffer and who escape from their oppressors. It is certainly very dangerous to try to make people understand what has happened, because no pharmaceutical monster would agree to see sales go down just because someone has noticed this monstrous scam.

I know that the history of melatonin is now described by hundreds if not thousands of publications, which largely followed the publication in New York, , in August 2005, of the bestseller The Melatonin Miracle which stunned and outraged the unprepared minds of researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical industries. The fright was great and even today few have understood what melatonin is and why it caused anxiety and terror. Afterwards it was cleverly denigrated and concealed and even today in Europe and throughout the world, with the notable exceptions of that Liberal Country called the United States and the Abnormal Country called Italy, there is no talk about it and it cannot be found. Melatonin in fact opens up a New World of Health and Medicine.

When the book was published, followed by an extraordinary Third Conference in Stromboli in 1993 and by the description in 1994 of melatonin and pineal gland transplants, reported by the most prestigious worldwide scientific journals, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, as many as 15 Countries asked for the publishing rights and these volumes were published in 15 languages. The United States Government, represented by the Food & Drug Administration and the National Institute of Health, alarmed by the fact that everyone wanted melatonin, summoned me to a Conference at the University of Berkeley in California, wanting to meet the person who had generated so much noise and to inquire about this miraculous molecule. I am, therefore, deeply grateful to the United States, which allowed the survival of melatonin. They understood that it was not about sleeping or jetlag, but about health! But this is where the murky story which I'm going to describe began. The German publisher Goldman Verlag of Monaco of Bavaria obtained the rights to publish the German book at the price of 70,000 Marks. But what happened? At its publication, where the author should have been present in order to sign books and supply, as always happens, various interviews, nothing happened. I believe that instead of some hundreds of thousands of copies, they have sold a few thousand.

My protests to the German literary agent and publisher were answered by a deafening silence. The German government had placed its veto. One should not speak of melatonin to the Germans. Germany, together with Switzerland, is home to the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies and the message of melatonin was too disruptive and dangerous. Swiss and Germans were to remain unaware of the discovery, and they still are! The research and discoveries had been made in Switzerland, the scientific circulation took place in Italy and the US, but there are interests that cannot be touched. Not only that, defamatory and calumnious articles which relegated melatonin to being a vague "sleeping pill" and a remedy for jetlag were published.

However, I was in Switzerland; the discovery was made in Switzerland. In 1997 I began to worry, as reckless traders had marketed melatonin in Italy, making huge profits. Therefore, as I was in Switzerland, I got in touch with a well-known Swiss company that is engaged in the production of supplements and galenic preparations, the excellent Streuli SA in Uznach, and with them I developed the Formula of Melatonin Zn-Se. The aim was to make available a serious and certified product to those who needed it, but sales were prohibited in Switzerland! We therefore began to manufacture the pleasant Melatonin Zn-Se in Switzerland, and to then export it to Italy where it had been classified as a food supplement, precisely as in the United States, and was sold in chemists.

The grim story
Silence reigned in Switzerland until suddenly, after nine years, apparently alarmed by the fact that the Swiss and the Germans bought it in Italy, the Swiss Government and the Swissmedic organisation, which regulates medicines in the country, decided that melatonin had become ... a drug! Therefore its production required expensive and complicated measures which were certainly not in Streuli’s plans, as it is only authorised to produce supplements. The poor souls and ourselves were clearly victims of the decision that had transformed the innocent melatonin into a drug. Hearing such stories leaves you stunned, but people do not know them. The Swiss and the Germans have never heard anything about melatonin and therefore it does not exist and it is of no interest to physicians, as it cannot be prescribed, under penalty of arrest. This is the financial world that dominates the Planet and which manages life or death of people.

With great discomfort, expense and hardship we had to move production to Italy, the blessed Country where we had won the War on Melatonin, led by the Armed Forces of the United States, who saved the world from the disappearance of melatonin. Many of these events are narrated in my book written together with Pippo Zappulla which is called L’Orologio della Vita. La storia della Melatonina (The Clock of Life. The history of Melatonin). I also enclose the mail with the Swiss Minister of Health and with Swissmedic, the ruthless drug controllers.

You only need to read it in order to understand and gain confirmation of the above. These are facts that give the shivers and make us realise that witch hunts and burnings are still in force but that the methods are much more refined and cruel: everybody or almost is at stake. It has become a deadly narcosis that involves all. For the drug controllers, Nature has become the Great Enemy!

The guardians of Swiss health
Gordola, 26th April 2009

Prof. Thomas Zeltner

Federal Office of Public Health

Seilerstrasse 8, CH-3011 Bern

Dear Prof. Zeltner,

Thank you for your kind letter dated April 4th. I am sorry that you did not have time for a meeting on a matter so crucial for Public Health. Unfortunately, the contents of the letter do not answer questions which are certainly embarrassing for you, and give no explanation of the absurd position of the melatonin substance.

1. Melatonin has none of the characteristics of "hormones", as clearly explained and as you, in order not to bore you with complex explanations, can read in the enclosed book "The Clock of Life" on page 50-52. I have talked about it many times during International Congresses and Conferences. In fact, despite the many hundreds of publications (rapidly growing) concerning melatonin, which have demonstrated its safety and benefits, it is convenient to keep such a reductionist definition in order to instil fear in those who want to use it. This attitude is highly misleading and has no scientific and logical foundation.

2. You do not explain why my discovery has been opposed after 8 years, during which my Melatonin Zn-Se Formula was produced by the STREULI company in Uznach for sale abroad. Was not this absurd decision due to pressures received from other Countries? Then it means that Switzerland is subjected to undue pressures. Does it not seem paradoxical to you that not only the sale is forbidden, but also the production of melatonin-based preparations that, in eight years, have never caused any trouble and complaints?

3. I personally joined the US government (FDA, NIH) in making decisions which gave free market access to products containing melatonin. I'm just convinced that Europe was not prepared to understand the impact of this discovery. It was only thanks to that great liberal and open Country that my discovery had the space it deserves. Once again Europeans have shown a grim blindness and an extraordinary backwardness of vision and thought, by reducing melatonin to being a simple "hormone"!

4. No bureaucratic and regulatory pretext can convince anyone with a minimum of understanding that Switzerland acted properly towards me, instead of praising and helping the one who made this discovery through immense hard work.

5. The discovery and demonstration of a Biological Clock in the pineal gland and the incontrovertible scientific proof that I gave regarding the role of melatonin, is a truly Copernican revolution that inevitably opens up a field in preventive and curative medicine which no one is able to stop. You must understand that exogenous melatonin has the sole purpose of slowing down and reversing the ageing process, as I have demonstrated in rodents and as I have been verifying over the past 12 years in people. I have demonstrated this mechanism through numerous experiments with simple and crossed pineal transplantation.

6. The fact that others, with larger means, political and economic power and protected by "State Regulating Agencies" should exploit my discoveries, is yet another slap in my face and a huge damage for Switzerland. A historic opportunity has been lost whilst also offending logic and decency.

7. The ubiquitous molecule of melatonin, which I reached after a hard research which lasted over 40 years, anticipates what is not perceived by the reductionist minds of chemists, biochemists and pharmacologists, opening up a type of biological bio-energetic actions which escape those who produce unnecessary and harmful drugs. This is why in Switzerland and in Europe melatonin has become the No. 1 enemy of the pharmaceutical industry as it answers to neuro-hormonal central control functions which allow us to interpret the biological basis of our grow/procreate and die program.

8. Certainly reducing melatonin to a mere sleep regulator with the purpose of misleading its nature and function, is a shameful lie on the part of those who want to confuse the public for profit and at the same time propose it as a "hormone" and paradoxically avoid it entering the market of food supplements.

9. We have discovered and demonstrated that melatonin to which zinc and selenium are added, precisely the formula that I developed with the Streuli company in Uznach and exported from Switzerland for 8 years, heals the most pernicious eye diseases, various types of macular degeneration. I enclose the volume edited by me which shows this extraordinary discovery. From this discovery you will certainly realise how persisting with this absurd condemnation of melatonin is now becoming guilty responsibility. It is obvious why the powerful Swiss company which sells an expensive and scarcely efficient product is not in favour of melatonin. But then who's in charge in Bern? The Government or the Pharmaceutical Industry? But should not the Government safeguard health and help to prevent and treat degenerative diseases, which cost huge amounts of money? It is clear that melatonin slows down the ageing of the pineal gland, thereby maintaining the cyclic hormonal rhythms that control the immune-surveillance and consequently the onset of all pathologies.

10. There has been a Copernican revolution, but you did not notice and you persist in the guilty obstinacy of depriving the suffering of the huge benefits of melatonin. It is a historical fact that you can no longer ignore.

Please kindly consider the above and convene a Commission in order to shed light on this situation. I live here, but I have had to take my medical and scientific activities to other Countries in the face of such a fierce and stubborn opposition to my findings, of which melatonin is just one example. But the quality leap is huge and I do not despair, sooner or later, to have at least the opportunity of bringing the benefits of my findings to Switzerland.

Thanking you in advance, I remain,

Yours faithfully

Walter Pierpaoli

Gordola, 9th March 2009 Eidgenössisches

Department des Innern EDI Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG 3003 Bern

z.Hv. Herrn Dir. Prof. Dr. Th. Zeltner

Dear Professor Zeltner,

I would like to meet you wherever you can, here in Ticino or Bern, in order to illustrate the terrible and shameful story of "Melatonin", a molecule whose immense benefits were discovered by me and extensively illustrated, and which is still politically persecuted here in Switzerland. After 13 years of free use in the USA and other Countries, including Italy, suddenly, in 2006, SWISSMEDIC decided to transform Melatonin into a "drug", not only preventing its use and sale in Switzerland, but even its production as a food supplement, after 8 years of production by the STREULI AG Company in Zurich.

There are no words to describe this situation and as I am Swiss, I made my discoveries in Switzerland and I live in Switzerland, I now wish to end this outrageous behaviour towards my findings and towards the persons to whom the huge benefits of melatonin have been taken away because of mere political interests.

Thanking you for your attention, I await your response (even in English or German) and remain

Yours faithfully,

Walter Pierpaoli

Gordola, 28th May 2009

Prof. Thomas Zeltner

Federal Office of Public Health

Seilerstrasse 8, CH-3011 Bern

Dear Professor Zeltner,

Thank you for your letter of April 2nd, in response to my letter of March 9th, 2009.

I can only comply with the issued verdict, which considers melatonin a "hormone"! Many natural substances, food, and even minerals, produce effects on a hormonal level and are not necessarily considered "drugs" for this reason. I enclose what I have published.

I do not think I can defend my position although it is scientifically valid. Hundreds of publications are ignored. Actually melatonin introduces us to a new dimension that escapes the chemical-pharmaceutical evaluation criteria. I have no choice but to live with it. I find having to undergo such treatment humiliating.

I do not have the financial means to register melatonin as a therapeutic agent in Switzerland, even though I carried out studies, which I then had published, that show its immense potential for serious diseases.

I therefore forcibly renounce any request both for the production and for the sale of products based on melatonin in Switzerland.

I am at your disposal should you wish to meet me and/or read what I have published for scientific, therapeutic or public disclosure reasons.

Yours faithfully,

Walter Pierpaoli ∞

Walter Pierpaoli, was born in 1934, and graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery in 1960; after specialising in Cardiology he taught as an Assistant at the Institute of General Pathology of the University of Milan, conducting research in biophysics and taking advantage of a scholarship from the Atomic Energy Commission in the United States.

In 1963 he joined the National Research Council (CNR) as Adjunct Researcher and then as Director of the Laboratory of the Centre for the Study of Cell Pathology until 1969, when he qualified as a university professor in Immunology. Between 1966 and 1976 he was a "visiting scientist” at the Institute of Medical Research in Davos-Platz, Switzerland.

From 1977 to 1980 he worked with his independent team at the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Zurich, and since 1980, through a collaboration with the Institute Choay in Paris, he has established a Research Institute and a Foundation for Basic Biomedical Research (now INTERBION) in Zurich, of which he is currently President.

Dr Pierpaoli has published over 130 experimental scientific papers in international scientific journals such as Nature, Journal of the National Cancer Institute and Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences He is the organiser of the well-known “Conferences of Stromboli on Cancer and Ageing" which took place in 1987, 1990, 1993 and 2005, whose Volumes, published by the New York Academy of Sciences, were the most sold in the history of the most glorious and ancient Scientific Society of the USA.

Dr Pierpaoli has been promoting interdisciplinary medical studies now called "Neuroimmunomodulation" for many years, and to which thousands of researches are currently devoted.