What You Need to Know about Stem Cell Supplements

What You Need to Know about Stem Cell Supplements

Stem cell technology is changing the way patients receive treatment for various diseases. It is a rapidly developing area of research combining efforts of clinicians, cell biologists, and geneticists in the aim of offering effective treatment of diseases and living a healthy life. Scientists predict that in a very healthy state, the average person will live for almost 120 years by the year 2020. Stem cell research is one medical and scientific development that could see this happen.


Many people may not be aware that the adult stem cells or our own cells are very crucial in determining the way we attain our health. These are cells within our body and they have been there since we were born. These adult stem cells play a big role in our health and wellbeing - they determine the way we age.

 The life expectancy of a healthy person has changed significantly as medicine and science take a new shape owing to the breakthroughs in research. Back in 1896, an average human being could only live for 48 years.

 At present, a human being lives about 80 years on average. This is incredible and it shows that the medical and scientific developments touching on health and wellness have seen major strides. We must appreciate the discoveries made so far and the way they have helped us live longer and be healthier.

What are Stem Cells?

 When you talk of stem cells, they are the master cells in our bodies. They are cells that will remain undifferentiated and maintain a sustained, prolonged proliferation within particular parts of body. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into several cell types. Again, these cells can treat various malignant as well as non-malignant diseases.

 Today, stem cells are an important part in medical research as well as drug development. These cells form the foundation cells for all tissues and organs in body. However, it is only recently that scientists discovered how stem cells and in particular adult stem cells could do in our body.

 In the blood stream, stem cells could duplicate themselves in an endless manner and they can become cells for almost any tissue or organ of our body. In body, healthy stem cells can override the unhealthy cells whereby they seek out areas of the body needing healing. The healthy stem cells travel to the areas that need healing and begin to repair or replace the damaged tissue, bone, muscle, cartilage, and other body parts. This way, it helps in reversing diseases, injury, and aging. This, in turn, helps improve and maintain optimal health of a person.

 One great source of these adult stem cells is the bone marrow. This explains why most cancer patients get transplant for bone marrow or therapy of full stem cell replacement.

 Adult stem cells cannot be perceived to be embryonic stem cells. With embryonic stem cells, they are regarded as pre-birth and they must be obtained from an embryo. Adult stem cells are found in our body since the time of birth therefore, there is no risk of rejection.

 So, the use of the adult stem cells has overwhelmed the use of embryonic stem cells. A sick person may be able to receive healthy cells from any other person and there will be no rejection issues. It is this discovery that has compelled many countries like the US to put efforts in research of adult stem cells.

 The Need to take Health Supplements

People’s lifestyles have changed over the past decades. Today, soils are depleted and the foods we are taking are over-processed. These foods contain preservatives, pesticides, trans fats, and other chemicals. You can find trans fats widely being used in margarines, takeaway foods, processed supermarket foods, and other items.  

 Trans fats help increase the shelf life of those supermarket foods. They help in adding hardness and texture. People should avoid trans fats as they cause an increase of the ‘bad’ cholesterol also known as low density lipoprotein in body while also decreasing the ‘good’ cholesterol, also referred to as the high-density lipoprotein in body.

 Trans fats have been known to cause increased risks of having blood clots and inflammation – and you know the consequence of blood clots in blood vessels- they can result in stroke and other cardiovascular complications.

 We are also eating food that is obtained from barn fed animals. These animals are given doses of growth hormones making the food unhealthy for people to consume.

 Today, we know that exercising the body is crucial because it helps expel the toxic substance in the body and builds the immune system. Eating the right foods is equally important- for instance, you need to take high fat, carb food and moderately drink a beer or some wine. Taking healthy supplements helps improve our health. It provides the nutrients and vitamins that the body dreadfully needs.

Adult Stem Cell Supplements

 Medical experts as well as scientists have been working hard to bring out stem cell supplements. These products are safe, scientifically proven to repair cells, and quite affordable. An average person is able to take the stem cell supplements thereby helping the body stimulate its own healthy stem cells found in the bone marrow that begin to help repair and renew the body while also preventing the aging process. We may say that this may only be the beginning of other discoveries likely to come in a few years.

 Stem Cell Worx is a natural stem cell supplement that is backed by science. It provides a healthy dietary supplement that is able to activate the body’s own adult cells in a natural way thereby providing a huge immunity and body defense. When adult stem cells work at optimal levels, they can offer many health benefits. Stem Cell Worx immensely charges the immune system, it increases energy levels and endurance, and improves mental alertness and clarity.

 The supplement helps in building muscle, burning fat, and maintaining natural weight loss. It reduces bloating, inflammation, and relieves constipation. Also, the stem cell supplement helps in repairs and recovery of an individual after an injury, surgery, or illness.