The Wonders of Curcumin

The Wonders of Curcumin

The more human kind lives the more diseases come into existence. Diseases such as cancer were rare cases in the past as compared to the present time. Such diseases have become among the leading killers in human history. On an annual scale, by 2013, 7.6 million people died due to cancer, even worse is that, four million of those died prematurely. They died as early as when they were 30-years old and those who survived longer died at the age of 69. This is just cancer, yet there are other diseases such as Alzheimer's which also contributes to the deterioration of human life.

With such statistics, there has always been a need to try and improve the human life as we are losing people who are within their productive age. Supplements such as curcumin have been developed, yet not many people have tapped into their benefits.

Benefits of Curcumin

This great supplement will help you fight diseases and conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer's. It aids in the fight against free radicals, which cause inflammation, reducing the chances of such diseases. The supplement will improve your immune system enabling you to fight diseases better.

It acts as an anti-viral and an anti-bacterial agent that will help your body deal with inflammation. Curcumin is responsible for the inhibition, or shutting down, of the molecule that signals the body to swell, leading to better healing of body tissues.

How Curcumin helps you deal with other diseases

It deals with Alzheimer's by improving the cognitive functions in people with AD. It prevents abnormal swelling reactions and oxidation stress that happen due to availability of free radicals. It also prevents the fat build up in the liver and it aids in the production of insulin.

With curcumin, the functions of your organs will be normalized, which will help your liver have a reduced work load. If you have arthritis, you need curcumin as it reduces the rate of inflammation, which decreases the level of pain related to the condition. The reduction of inflammation also helps in dealing with other diseases such as Crohn’s disease, psoriasis and ulcerative colitis among others.

How does Curcumin work?

Curcumin has been used for thousands of years in the world of herbal medicine as an extract of turmeric. In Asia, turmeric is used in curry and spiced meals, which has helped the population fight diseases without being noticed. Despite its effectiveness in dealing with diseases and conditions, it hugely depends on the body’s ability to absorb the major ingredients. That means it needs to be taken as often as possible for it to be effective. This means you need to take a lot of turmeric to be sure of getting the right proportion. If you do not want to take turmeric, curcumin supplements will work fine for you.

Curcumin is among the naturally derived substances that are not easy to absorb into the body system, this is because it is not very soluble in water, which is a key agent of substance absorption into the body system. It needs another agent called cyclodextrin which helps speed up its intake. It creates a hydrophilic water soluble shell around curcumin, which helps in rapid absorption of this wonderful supplement.

The percentage of Curcumin contained in a supplement is just as important as its rate of absorption. If the rate of absorption is minimal, then it does not help to have up to 100 percent of curcumin available in a supplement.

There are many other benefits of Curcumin SR that will improve the status of your health. But before you get the supplement, it is important to know how effective it is. The rate of absorption determines just how much effect it will have in your body.