The Detox Plan you need to try

The Detox Plan you need to try

In order to gain optimal benefits from a detox, it’s important to have a plan in place before beginning. The first step is to decide how long you want the process to last. Detox durations generally fall within three to seven days, but it is possible to follow one for several weeks – the right choice depends upon your lifestyle and goals.

What does a detox do?

While the term isn’t a new one, it’s not necessarily one with which everyone is familiar. A “detox” generally refers to the process of cutting harmful substances out of a diet while replacing them with something inherently beneficial. This is most commonly done by swapping your typical diet with something like fortified fruit juice designed to nourish your body and mind with vitamins and minerals. This allows things that are unhealthy for our bodies to be “flushed” out of our systems in favor of substances that actively promote health. This process can be tailored to fit the user’s specific needs, too, with sugar detox plans being particularly popular.

Create a meal calendar that lists exactly what you’ll be eating and drinking for the duration of the detox, including snacks and backup plans. Keep meals simple and straightforward with an emphasis on whole vegetables and plenty of water. Avoid salt and sugar and instead look to things like fresh herbs to provide flavor – and keep in mind that you’ll likely only really notice the loss of added sodium for the first few days. Your tastebuds will adjust to your new diet fairly quickly and make it easier to cut harmful substances out of your life permanently.

Once you have a duration selected, the time to analyze your diet has arrived. Be ruthless! You want to cut out things like dairy, processed junk food, alcohol, wheat products, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. The goal is to allow your body to process all of those unhealthy substances while flooding your system with healthy alternatives, so it’s important to pick the right meals to nourish your body and mind.

If the meals you’ve picked aren’t some that you know by heart, include the recipes in your meal calendar to make preparation easy. In fact, you might consider opting in to meal prep before the detox begins. Having the majority of your food labeled and prepared makes it easy to stay on track and harder to justify sneaking snacks or junk food.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be a bad experience!

Keep our tips in mind and kickstart your weight loss journey with a healthy detox plan and remember to monitor your “return” diet carefully, too!

The last thing you want to do is complete the process, feel great, and then immediately weigh yourself down with unhealthy things. This is also the perfect time to add some beneficial supplements to your diet to keep the process going. Here, our recommendations: 

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