The Best Anti Aging Vitamins for You

The Best Anti Aging Vitamins for You

If you want to keep feeling young and healthy even as you age (and who doesn't?), you should consider taking anti aging vitamins.

You consume vitamins through healthy and balanced diets, but sometimes it can be difficult to ensure you are consistently getting enough of the vitamins you need. As you age, you are at a greater risk of nutrient deficiency, which can have detrimental effects on your health and speed up the aging process.

To combat this, almost half of all US adults take a vitamin supplement of some sort. A multivitamin combines many important vitamins and generally gives you your daily recommended dose of all of them in a single pill or capsule. They are a comprehensive solution to concerns about nutrient deficiency. Another option for those looking to supplement their vitamin intake is choosing specific vitamins to supplement based on individual needs or concerns.

 This can be a particularly effective way of making sure you get enough of some of the best anti-aging vitamins. These specific anti-aging vitamins will help you age beautifully and stay feeling good. While taking vitamin pills can't stop the hands of time entirely, it is a great step you can take to preserve your health.

 4 Best Vitamins for Anti Aging

 As mentioned previously, you could simply choose to take a multivitamin and hope that the pill covers the nutrients you need most to counteract the effect of aging. Or, you can choose only the best vitamins for anti-aging and take them each individually, so you know you're targeting your specific concerns. Here are four of the best anti-aging vitamins to try:

 Vitamin C

 One of the first places on the body that aging becomes most apparent is the skin. Fine lines, sun spots, and wrinkles all start to appear more as you age, and they can quickly give away that you aren't as young as you once were. Aging skin is one of the most common age-related complaints people look to solve, often with expensive cosmetic products or even surgical procedures. But what if you could help eliminate these concerns from the inside out rather than trying to treat them at the surface level? Taking vitamin C may be the solution you need.

 Vitamin C is the most prevalent antioxidant in the skin, so it makes sense that consistently keeping your vitamin C levels at a desirable point will help your skin immensely. Studies show vitamin C promotes collagen formation, neutralizes damaging free radicals, and inhibits melanogenesis (treating age spots). The role of vitamin C in collagen production in skin cells is even more important as you age since collagen production generally declines, causing those recognizable signs of aging.

 That all means that vitamin C supplements are an excellent option for anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their skin as they age. For radiant, youthful skin for years to come, consider vitamin C.


 Perhaps you are worried about more than just the externally visible signs of aging but the internal effects of aging as well. Aging can lead to a weakened immune system, worsening vision, and memory problems. If you want to help fight these issues and zinc may be the answer for you.

 Zinc is a powerhouse of an anti-aging vitamin. It is a natural element that is essential to immune function. As we age and our immune systems get weaker, we become more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Keeping appropriate levels of zinc by taking it as an anti-aging vitamin can help prevent these potentially detrimental problems.

One study found that zinc also helped prevent age-related vision loss, something that plagues many people as they get older. Zinc affects hair tissue growth and oil gland functioning, which means that taking a zinc vitamin can also prevent hair loss.

 Men, in particular, may benefit from taking zinc supplements since zinc affects testosterone levels, and low levels of zinc are linked to lower testosterone Zinc may also improve prostate health and help protect against prostate cancer, according to this research.


 Sun exposure and UV damage are the leading causes of premature skin aging. If you want younger, healthier-looking skin, you need to do something to address these issues. One solution you may not have heard of is selenium.

 Selenium is a mineral that protects against UV damage and free radicals to improve skin. Selenium will combat so common signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, dry or rough skin, and other imperfections due to its antioxidant properties. Oxidative stress causes damage to the skin, which then produces the visible signs of aging. Selenium helps prevent this from happening.

 It has anti-inflammatory properties that help with other health concerns related to aging, as well. One study found that an increased concentration of selenium in the body was correlated to a lower risk of coronary heart disease.

Some additional research has even shown that selenium can decrease the risk of certain cancers like breast cancer and lung cancer. That's just an additional health benefit of making sure you get enough selenium. If you're only going to take one anti-aging vitamin, selenium is a great choice.

 Vitamin A

 Vitamin A is another heavy-hitting anti-aging vitamin. You may have heard of retinol, a form of vitamin A and a popular choice in skincare to prevent or reverse visible signs of skin aging. Vitamin A is one of the only FDA-approved methods for treating wrinkles and improving the appearance of the skin.

 It works by neutralizing free radicals, which break down collagen, similar to vitamin C. Vitamin A also plays a role in skin cell and tissue production and growth, which is vital to keeping skin healthy. One study found that vitamin A improves the look of skin and makes skin better able to withstand injury by increasing the production of its structural components, glycosaminoglycan and procollagen.

 Aside from religiously applying sunscreen every day, there isn't anything better for stopping your skin's premature aging than making sure you get enough vitamin A. Taking vitamin A supplements is one way to do that. Your skin will thank you.

 Start Taking Anti Aging Vitamins Today

 Slowing down the signs of aging and keeping your body as healthy as possible is no simple task. There's no fountain of youth that can solve all your aging-related problems. But vitamins come close. 

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