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January 20, 2018 4 min read

The Stem Cell Worx® is a supplement that assists in the activation of stem cells. It is manufactured using ingredients such as Fucoidan, which is found in the walls of plant seeds such as the Japanese knotweed. Stem Cell Worx, consists of other substances such bovine colostrum and trans-resveratrol. The three ingredients have been widely studied and their findings have been published in several publications. The common finding is that these ingredients have massive benefits to the body. The major reason of the manufacture of the Stem Cell Worx® using these ingredients is to fully activate the adult stem cells. Such ingredients perform their main specific functions by opening all the pathways that lead to activation of the adult stem cells from the tissues, organs, and bone marrows thus proliferating them into the bloodstream.
The science behind the activation of stem cells
Bovine colostrum, a substance found in the mammary glands of the expectant mammals is very rich in immune boosters and natural growth factors. The colostrum binds itself to the adult stem cells prompting the start of the proliferation process.  
The major factor to consider for effectiveness of the trans-resveratrol is the percentage of purity. The extract’s purity percentage ranges from 98-99% and that makes it possible for the enrichment and proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells that originate from bone marrow. The same purity percentage applies to fucoidan that has 95% purity, which increases the expression of the CD34+ cells.
The Unique properties of Stem Cell Worx® compared to other supplements
One of the unique properties of these supplements is that the absorption rate of the nutrients into the body is 95%. The absorption rate is increased by its method of intake whereby it is sprayed under the tongue and the patient should hold it for 5-10 seconds before swallowing for maximum benefits. Its high absorption rate makes it the best supplement in the market as the stem cells are highly activated. The spraying type of delivery makes the supplement to be able to avoid the common problems associated with swallowing of the tablets and capsules such as the GI tract effect, action from stomach acid, and the kidney effect on the drugs. Most of the other supplementary drugs that are of protein in nature and which are taken through swallowing, research findings have revealed that their absorption rate is generally low.
The abundance of the immune and growth factors in the supplements highly initiates the beginning of the activation process. Apart from extending the cells longevity and viability, the supplement also initiates the binding process of the adult stem cells. Moreover, they produce a certain protein known as granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) that makes the bone marrow to produce more adult cells. Research has shown that the absence of the immune and growth factors leads to the death of several bone marrows. Most of these unique properties in the Stem Cell Worx® are not found in other supplements in the market.
The Examination of the Stem Cell Worx® formulation
Several independent scientists and bio-chemists have developed interest in the Stem Cell Worx® leading to several studies. More interestingly is that the scientists had no association with the manufacturers of the supplement and had no financial interests. The research on the product took 4 years before it was released in the market in 2011. 
Blood samples from healthy humans were examined for accurate findings. The percentage of the proliferation of the adult stem was analyzed using processes such as flow cytometry that was measured in mgs of the supplement formulation.
The findings established that even with very low dosage of the supplement formulation, there was a steady percentage in the stem cell production from the bone marrow. Furthermore, the results indicated that the supplement increased the bone marrow cell proliferation.
For further tests, the effectiveness of the Stem Cell Worx® formulation was compared with the stem cells in capsule form. They were measured in terms of the G-CSF and IL-6 production factors. It was found that the Stem Cell Worx® formulation had 100% in production of the G-CSF factor as compared to the capsule supplement. For IL-6 production, it was established that the Stem Cell Worx® formulation had 50% increased activity. The findings confirmed the uniqueness of the supplement’s formulation. 
It is worth noting that G-CSF is a protein substance that is responsible for stimulation of bone marrow to produce stem cells. Most of the supplements that are in the market does not contain this unique and vital role. The Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a cytokine that is mainly generated by the monocytes, the endothelial cells, and the fibroblasts and it plays an important role in the stimulation of adult stem cells. Interleukin-6 stimulates the production of the B and T cells that are responsible for stimulation of adult stem cells.
Supporting publications
Several journals have been published showing the advantages of the ingredients in the Stem Cell Worx®. Though some journals have highlighted the impure forms of the ingredients, still their benefits are evident. The method of delivery of the supplement’s formulation has been also a subject of research and several journals have been published touching on the importance of the intraoral form of delivery that the supplement is administered into the body. It has been confirmed that all the ingredients in the supplements are easily absorbed into the system through the oral spray. The molecular weight makes the ingredients to be easily absorbed. In addition to that, they are soluble in water and have appropriate pH values, hence they cannot be attacked by enzymes when sprayed under the tongue.
Various research findings have confirmed that the Stem Cell Worx® has unique abilities in enhancing the activation of various stem cells. The unique properties of different ingredients used in the manufacture of the supplement make it so unique and effective as compared to other supplements in the market. The Stem Cell Worx® binds with the stem cells hence initiating the production of stem cells. The administration of the supplement through the oral system makes it very efficient as the properties of the ingredients allow it to be highly absorbed into the body. Several researches that have been conducted have shown that the intraoral spray is one of the best forms of drug delivery methods and the ingredients are not affected by the actions of the body.