Take Dercos Aminexil to Get Your Hair Back

Take Dercos Aminexil to Get Your Hair Back

The beauty of having hair is that you can do a lot of styles with it that others cannot do. The splendor even gets better since you can have specific styles to suit different occasions and dress codes. But when you lose it, you realize just how limited you are towards such. Worse still is if this happens prematurely in your 20s and 30s. At a time when your peers still have their hair, and you cannot do much about it.

Among the leading fears towards aging is the loss of hair; there is good news however.  There are supplements that you can use to help you re-grow your hair that you lost. Supplements like Dercos Aminexil are available for this specific purpose. But before you run for these supplements, it is good to understand a few things about hair loss.

What is hair loss?

Also known as alopecia, hair loss can take different forms. Among them include thinning of hair, baldness and in some cases complete fall out of hair on the entire body. Hair loss is more prominent in men than in women and the most common one among men is the one that causes baldness on the head. This condition is widespread in men since it is related to the production of hormones such as testosterone and dihydro-testosterone (DHT).

DHT is needed for hair growth, but if a balance between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone is not to the required ratio, it leads to loss of hair from the scalp.

Statistics show that up to 50 percent of men will experience male pattern baldness when they are around the age of 50.

Due to the fact that women experience a drop of female hormones at around 50, up to 15 percent, it means they will also experience the same condition. Despite the type of hair loss experienced, the good things is that there are supplements that can help you re-grow the hair you have lost. Hair loss does not have to be a permanent condition.

Other reasons why you are losing hair

The ratio between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone is the most obvious reason for hair loss, however there are other reasons related to this. Factors such as allergies, stress, kidney problems, irritants, medications, hormonal and seasonal variations, and tiredness are just among some of the other reasons that you can be losing your hair. In men, gene factors play a big role when it comes to hair loss. Men with a family history of balding have a higher chance of losing hair.

How to prevent hair loss

The most effective way of preventing hair loss and improving hair growth is through the use of hair shampoos and supplements such as Dercos Aminexil. This super supplement improves hair growth by encouraging hair volume and thickness, as it maintains vitalized hair right from the root. The fact that it can prevent hair loss enables you avoid the pain of having to undergo hair loss treatment that is costly and painful later on in life.

How Dercos Aminexil works

The supplement is made to deal with perifollicular fibrosis, which is common in every case of hair loss. It fights the tightening grip caused by collagen around the hair root, which later leads to fall off. It contains Aminexil, which softens this grip and encourages hair growth.  If you use it, you can improve the quality of your hair by eight percent within just six weeks.

Hair loss is something that affects a good percentage of men; most think it is due to gene factors, which is not usually the case. Whatever the situation, supplements such as Dercos Aminexil can help you re-grow your hair and start enjoying the benefits that come with having a healthy good-looking hair. You do not have to shy away from your peers for reasons such as hair loss.