Pineal Peptide: The True Anti-Ageing Solution

From the first-time humans evolved enough to be aware of the imminence of old age, ideas on how to keep senescence at bay have attracted a lot of our attention. Everybody wants to live a longer and fulfilling life without pain or disease. And because of this, organizations and governments are directing lots of funds into life extension researches. One molecule that scholars worldwide have put a lot of focus is the pineal peptide.
Ironically, most individuals still think that diseases and difficulties accompanying old age are products of fate, and that once old age catches up with you, you lose control over the strength of your bones, the functionality of organs, the texture of your skin and your general appearance. And therefore, even though such people embrace ideas about how to avoid old age difficulties, often they do so with a pinch of salt.
The fact, however, is that it is possible to live healthy and happy even at old age. You only need to understand a few things about pineal peptide, plus a few more things about the dynamics of human biology to understand how simple treatments and lifestyle changes can work for you.
What are Peptides?
A peptide is a small-form of protein that facilitates repair and regeneration of cells. Also, known as peptide bio-regulators, these molecules carry information that trigger the regeneration process and determine how entire cells or their parts are supposed to form. 
While our bodies produce peptides indigenously, it is also possible to add them to the body from an external source, either orally or through injection. Examples of commercially available peptides include Visoluten®, Epithalamin, Epithalon®, and Endoluten® among others. When administered per prescription, these treatments are safe and quite effective.
It is also important to note at this point, that individual cells only respond to specific kinds of peptides. Pineal peptide is, therefore, just one among the many kinds that exist in the body. We will explore this in detail.
The ageing process
As you should know, the body is constantly undergoing damage due to both internal and external factors. The damages may arise from friction, foods, radiation, diseases, or any other sources. Old age comes about because of these constant damages, but the effects only become apparent after many years because of one reason: there is a mechanism put in place by which the body ensures that its spoilt tissues are regenerated. Whenever the need for regeneration arises, peptides play major role in these repairs.
A major problem, however, is that as one grows older, the amount and quality of peptides produced naturally by the body diminish. Thus, without proper intervention, some of the cells that get damaged are neither repaired properly nor replaced. As more of these instances (where no replacement is done) occur, so does aging progress and the body weakens. This is partly why diseases like cancer, arthritis, dementia, diabetes and the rest tend to be more prevalent among older people than in children. 
Immunosuppressed individuals and people who do not lead healthy lifestyles are usually among the first to be affected by aging due to reduced capacity of the body organs to regenerate. Fortunately, using pineal peptide, one can mitigate these effects and possibly reverse them.
Specificity of peptides
As earlier state, not all peptides are similar: peptides work specifically with the type of cells for which they were made. The molecules are therefore sometimes given names per the organ from which they are derived, and in which they are applicable. Apart from pineal peptides, we have those for the thyroid, liver, thymus, retina, and endocrine glands among others.
Pineal peptides specifically target the pineal gland, enabling the gland to avoid degenerating. Having a strong, healthy pineal gland can bring a lot of benefits to the individual since it allows the gland to perform its bodily functions optimally. Below is summary information of the pineal glands and why you need to ensure that they remain healthy:
Benefits of healthy Pineal glands
Situated in the middle sections of the brain, the pineal gland plays many roles in the body. Through its hormone, melatonin, it regulates sleep and protects the brain from damage by chemicals known as “reactive oxygen species” that form in the body because of its exposure to radiation. This radiation may come from the sun, foods or even electronics that we interact with everyday such as the cell phone.
In addition, melatonin is believed to promote the healthy functioning of kidneys and to prevent kidney stones. This is because people whose bodies are low on melatonin tend to be more susceptible to kidney stones.
The pineal gland is also instrumental in controlling the activities of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for producing sex hormones, particularly follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH). In simple terms, it gives instructions to the pituitary glands on when to produce hormones and in what quantities. Both FSH and LH regulate the production and maturity of sperm cells and ovum in males and females respectively. 
Studies have also shown that the pineal gland facilitates drug metabolism and protects against neurodegeneration.  In one study, rats that had their pineal glands removed experienced longer periods of intoxication and were more susceptible to stroke than their counterparts.
Having a damaged pineal gland may also result in constant headaches and reduced attention span. As old age progresses, the individual is more and more exposed to these effects, since the indigenous pineal peptide generated is no longer enough to promote the health of the organ. The domino effect that comes as result of reduced pineal gland function will then be large enough to be experienced even by organs such as eyes, skin, kidneys, ears and heart. 
Reverse Your Age Today
As you can see, the pineal glands are essential in promoting good health and avoiding the stresses related with old age. With proper diet, sufficient exercise and pineal peptide, you can maintain your young, energetic self even at advanced years.