Pielotax to Improve kidney health

Pielotax to Improve kidney health

Pielotax To Improve Kidney Health

Unhealthy kidneys cause a host of problems: From high blood pressure, heart issues, to the inability to balance body fluids. Patients suffering from the above have their quality of life drastically reduced. There is good news though - new research shows how the kidney peptide bioregulator helps the regenerative processes.

But first, let's talk about how the Kidneys work :


5 Major Functions Of The Kidneys

The kidneys are powerful chemical factories. They have 5 major functions for the body according to Kidney.org

Remove waste products and extra fluid in your body.
Control Blood Pressure
Produce Hormones to create red blood cells
Control PH levels
Keep your bones healthy

That's a HUGE job. This is why when kidney function starts to decrease, so many health issues pop up. According to the CDC, about 15% of people have chronic kidney disease.

red blood cells

Chronic Kidney Disease and Red Blood cells

When the kidneys function is normal, they create a chemical called erythropoietin (EPO), a hormone that signals your bone marrow to make red blood cells.

When chronic kidney disease starts to set in, your Kidneys make less of these hormones and the body creates fewer blood cells. This causes less oxygen to be delivered to your organs and tissues.

Less oxygen can cause issues with your thyroid gland and causes your heart to have to work more. Many times this accelerates kidney diseases and can lead to renal failure.

When Kidneys Can't Regulate Blood Pressure

Your Kidneys are built to regulate blood pressure and control fluid levels in the body. Unhealthy kidneys start to lose the ability to regulate blood pressure, causing it to increase. High blood pressure starts to reduce the amount of oxygen to to the kidneys, which can accelerate kidney failure.

High blood pressure makes it more likely that kidney failure will happen and you will have heart problems according to the CDC. This is why urinary health is so critical to the overall function of the body.

Peptide Deficiency In The Kidneys

Research in the 1970's discovered the body has 50 natural peptides. Each organ has their own unique peptide bioregulator. Peptide deficiency has been associated with accelerate aging.

The kidney's peptide deficiency has been associated with renal failure.

Peptide Therapy Helps With Renal Failure

A powerful study done showed that natural kidney peptides were able to restore healthy kidney functions in patients with acute renal failure.

This study mirrored much of the other research on the effectiveness of peptide supplements in helping restore organ function and slow the aging process.

Short chain peptides are amino acids that work by specifically activating repair mechanisms in the body. Such peptides help initiate protein synthesis, which helps restore the organ or bodily function. Unlike proteins, peptides are easily absorbed by the digestive system.

These peptide bioregulators can be taken as a dietary supplement.


How Peptides Differ From Other Supplements

Peptides don't follow the typical dosing regimen that other medications or supplements follow.


Because peptides restore function of the body, you do not need to take them all the time. Natural peptides are meant to be taken for a 10 day or 30 day period. Once function is restored, it's recommended to do a "maintenance" period of peptides every 6 to 12 months.

So you don't have to be "hooked" to taking peptides for the rest of your life like other dietary supplements!

Peptides also don't have an immunogenic or mutagenic properties, so they are clean and have not been shown to have any side effects.

The Kidney Peptide Supplements

The well known kidney peptides function is Pielotax. Pielotax is a bovine kidney peptide supplement. Pielotax focuses on kidney restoration so your body can eliminate waste products.

The peptide has been shown to restore kidney function in acute kidney diseases.



Cells Natural Peptides Combinations

What makes peptides effective is they restore functions on a specific body function. Pielotax is made specifically for the kidney peptide bioregulator. There are 21 other peptide bioregulators available in 20 or 60 capsules. Each active peptide is unique in structure. The concentrated peptide bioregulators have natural combinations of these peptides that work together.

These combinations focus on different areas such as the immune system, central nervous system, or Lipoprotein metabolism disorders.

The adrenal peptide Glandokort and the blood vessels peptide Ventfort help support proper kidney function.


The science of peptide regulation is getting to be more and more mainstream.

More research is pointing to the effectiveness of peptide bio regulators ability to restore function to the body when the appropriate peptides are used. These peptide complexes have not shown to have adverse reactions occur.

Peptides maybe a good choice, especially when conventional medical treatments do not work. Natural Russian peptide bioregulators have been used for over 40 years with no known side effects.