Peptide Based Topical Skin Preparations to Help With Premature Skin Aging

Aging is part of the body’s natural process and is seen in individuals as they grow older. Many factors come into play to determine if you age gracefully or faster than the biological age. Many people look older than they are because they engage in practices and behaviors that accelerate their aging or they do not support a youthful body. Skin is one organ that can show if you are aging slowly or faster than normal.

To help slow down the aging of the skin, peptide-based topical skin preparations have proven effective. Probably, you have heard of Professor Vladimir Khavinson and his work on short-chain peptide bioregulators. Khavinson is from Russia’s St. Petersburg Biogerontology Institute and is the man behind the discovery of the important short-chain peptide bioregulators. These peptide bioregulators are found in food and act as highly targeted gene switches.

In helping counter the problem of premature skin aging, four of the peptide bioregulators have been used in topical skin preparations along with other natural extracts to create aesthetic medicine that works effectively to reduce accelerated aging of the skin. In the topical skin preparations for slowed aging, the four peptides that have been used are those from the pineal gland, thymus gland, blood vessels, and cartilage.

 How Do The Peptides Work?

 The four peptides have been carefully combined with Neovitin, a ginseng extract, to produce a complex skin care that helps enhance the health of your skin. The natural skin care products can be used on face, hands, neck, and the body to help fight premature aging of the skin. The unique active ingredients consisting of short-chain peptides are believed to have a direct tissue-specific action that helps improve the basic skin structure and function. A ginseng extract having strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action along with other natural ingredients are used to boost the action of the peptides. 

Thymus Gland Peptide

The thymus gland peptide helps stimulate tissue regeneration while at the same time promoting the synthesis of tissue-specific proteins. There is increased cell activity including metabolism and proliferation, both of which enhance the renewal of different cell tissues. This short-chain peptide also has anti-inflammatory properties that help improve the healing of wounds. In addition, thymus gland peptide acts as an antioxidant thereby protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also helps in stimulating the immune system and acts as an anti-stress agent.

Pineal Gland Peptide

With this peptide bioregulator, it helps improve the metabolic process and increases the production of protein in the skin cells. Pineal gland peptide helps normalize the processes of lipid peroxidation in skin cells thus helping protect the skin from external factors like UV light, pollution, traumas, and intense physical activities. It also helps protect the skin from internal factors such as emotional stress. You will have an active metabolic process within the skin tissues, which in turn helps in restoration of the skin.

Cartilaginous Tissue Peptide

This peptide bioregulator helps stimulate regeneration of keratinocytes and fibroblasts. It prevents damages in the skin by interfering with the damaging changes that occur in collagen skin structure. Cartilaginous tissue peptide also helps in strengthening of collagen structure including elastic skin fibers – it increases the elasticity of the skin.

Vessel Peptide

It helps ensure improved skin microcirculation. The peptide bioregulator improves the metabolic processes within the vascular wall. Vessel peptide improves the vascular tone to ensure efficient skin blood circulation. It regulates and strengthens skin permeability while also improving skin turgor.

Other Natural Ingredient In the Topical Skin Care Preparations

 Besides the four short-chain peptides, there are other natural agents that have been used in the skin care aesthetic medicine and they include:


Specific extracts of ginseng have been picked to make Neovitin, which is a bio-antioxidant agent. Neovitin helps impair the oxidation process that acts on the skin, and which causes damage. It helps strengthen the vascular walls and regulate the metabolism of protein and fat in skin cells. Simply said, Neovitin corrects and balances the antioxidant skin status thus preventing premature aging of the skin. It protects the skin against oxidizing stress that may be brought about by ecological conditions, use of antibiotics, smoking, emotional loads, and intense physical activity.

Olive Oil

It consists of mostly oleic acid triglycerides that help make the skin tender. The extracts of olive oil also help regenerate and moisturize dry and irritated skin.

 Other ingredients include:

  • Raisin-seed oil
  • Argon oil
  • Soya oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Bisabolol
  • Peony extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Glycerine
  • Active yeast complex
  • Meadowfoam oil
  • Winter bloom
  • Sweet almond extract
  • Panthenol
  • Liposomes
  • Fresh water sponge extract
  • Carrageenan from seaweed
  • Xanthan gum
  • Cocoa oil


Supporting Clinical Studies

 Clinical trials, as well as examinations done at the St. Petersburg Biogerontology Institute, have shown that short-chain peptides provide many skin health benefits. From the experimental research, it has shown that the metabolic activity in vascular wall cells is regulated and restored to normal levels with the use of blood vessel peptide.

 The research done in skin cells cultures also showed that adding thymus peptide to a nutrient medium would increase the proliferation of skin cell by about 42 percent, something that promotes the renewal of skin cells.

 To study the action of pineal gland peptide, a trial confirmed that this short chain peptide has the ability to interfere with actions of free radicals produced in the skin, and which results in premature aging of the skin. The peptide can restore stressed skin – and, you know that the antioxidant activity occurring in the skin cells can be reduced by almost half when exposed to stress factors. 


 The peptide-based skin care preparations may be available in different forms. There is body milk, day cream, serum, and tonic. Each of these work on the skin in a different way to help provide an all-inclusive protection and healing.

 The body milk cream may be applied on many areas including the arms, legs, and neck. It helps improve the elasticity of the skin thus allowing you to have a smooth, efficient skin texture as well as composition. The day cream may be used on face and hands and it helps improve blood supply thereby helping ensure you have a youthful glow. The serum is used in those areas that noticeably show the skin aging effects including the neck and face. It helps make the affected areas feel and look fuller with a more youthful skin appearance. The tonic is a cleanser that helps the skin to be more taut and firm and prevents skin irregularities like acne.