My Peptide Story

My Peptide Story

I couldn’t get out of the car

I heard the sirens come.

Firefighters hurried to cut the other guy out of the car.

I tried to lift my shoulder.  I could feel the tendons torn away from the bone.

I knew something was seriously wrong and I would be going in the ambulance to the hospital.

The next hour was a blur.

I had little feeling in my left hand.

Before I knew it, was having emergency surgery.

I was staring at a long rehab.

And the possibility of losing part of the function in my shoulder.

Now, before I share the rest of the story, I wanted to share this:

Something I hear everyday from customers is this:

“The medical community has told me this is the way it is.  You have to accept the pain.”


I know some things we are unable to fix.

But there are so many things people are struggling with they don’t have to be.

My hope is to help those people feel like themselves again.

To have the energy and the confidence of a 20 year old.

To be able to keep up with their kids (or grandkids).

To have the fuel to keep pushing their business forward.

So, no matter what you’re going through.

I’d like to open you up to the possibility that it’s possible to feel like you’re 20 again.

The problem is, the path to feeling like you’re 20 again isn’t clear.

What I learned 3 years ago is that I had to give up the status quo thinking to find the path.

The status quo says you need to accept how you feel.

Because other people believe “this is how it is” doesn’t mean you do!

There’s a small but growing group of people who have found a new way.

Before I share that, here’s more of what happened…


Looking up at your loved ones before you’re wheeled back into the maze is not easy.

I worked to fight back the tears.

Not because I was worried about me. 


Because I knew the torment my wife would go through for the next few hours.

There was no other option though.

The only way I would feel like myself again was to repair my shoulder..


And face a long, grueling rehab.


Isn’t it amazing how we never appreciate feeling “normal” until it’s gone?


When we feel something in our health taken away, all we do is long for it to come back.

That was my exact prayer – for my shoulder to be normal again.


So I could pick-up my son.


Throw balls in the park with him.


And do all the other things fathers and sons do.

My eyes faded into the night, and I was under the knife…


When I saw my wife’s soft loving eyes when I woke up, I was relieved.


A short period later the doctor came in and shared that my surgery went well.

He wrote me a long list of prescriptions for my shoulder.


Narcotics among others (I hate narcotics and how they make me feel).


I started using the trick I mentioned:  Having a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted.


In 6 weeks I wanted to be out of my sling and doing rehab. 


This was accelerated healing, but this focus helped me clarify the exact plan I wanted to build.


My boy was depending on me getting back to health fast.

So I did what we do for clients everyday – build a plan to get back to health.

Now it’s always easier being the one recommending solutions.

It’s harder trusting that the solution is going to work!

But I was committed to being a good student.

I started taking PEA for pain.  This helped me get off narcotics within 48 hours.

I also took Stem Cell Workx, which triggers rebuilding of tissues of multiple peptides:

Cartilage 2X
Central nervous system x2

Stem cell worx
Brain cell worx


Blood peptide x2 

Muscle peptide x2
Stem cell worx

Dinner: Cartilage x2
Central nervous system x2

Why only 3 weeks?

Peptides aren’t meant to be taken everyday.  They are built to RESTORE your body.

Not simply mask pain or an underlying issue.

This is one of the most misunderstood parts about peptides.  It also doesn’t make them very attractive for Big Pharma…. Because you don’t have to take them daily forever.

Since I knew the injury was from a trauma, 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off would get me to where I want to go.


I knew I would feel much better in 6 weeks.

A sidenote:  There’s something else that came up during the accident that is taboo for most people to talk about.


Losing part of my function created a downward cycle of depression.

That depression lead to be becoming unengaged with work and exhausted.  This wasn’t simple mood swings.

I knew I had to deal with this as well.  I combined a supplement with another type of therapy.

Because, remember the ultimate goal:  To have the energy of feeling like you’re in your early 20’s again…

Feeling spry, focused, and able to take on whatever the day throws at you…

That’s how life supposed to be, right?

If you’re anything like me, that’s your desired state.

But life isn’t like that right now.

After taking peptides for 3 weeks after my accident, I started feeling MUCH better.

Though I wasn’t myself again.

There were 2 issues:

1.  My accident and thrown my hormones and neurochemistry all out of whack.

The result?  A case of anxiety and depression

2.  I wanted to feel better RIGHT NOW.

This caused more frustration and depression.

Maybe you’re feeling those same things right now as well.

Let me tell you, it’s OK.

I realized I took my health for granted for so long.  When I didn’t have it, I would spend whatever it takes to get it back.

Thankfully it wasn’t crazy expensive.

Here’s the protocol I used to build my body back up:

1.  I went to see a counselor who helped me deal with traumatic injury and my childhood stories.

This helped me build my confidence back up and develop clarity where I wanted to go in life.  I started seeing the impact I wanted to make.  Also, the things I was passionate about.

2.  I went on a protocol that featured Benegene  and Brain Cell Worx 

Now both of these protocols didn’t work overnight.

I did feel a burst of energy each time I took Benegene though.

What happened is I started laying the foundation for long term success.

Think of it like this – A skyscraper can go 1000 feet in the air.  But the foundation that’s 200 feet below the ground is what allows it to happen.

The peptides I took for 3 weeks that I shared yesterday laid the strong foundation.

Then Benegene and the counseling built the skyscraper up brick by brick.

This is how predictable, long term health is built.

The result?

Not only do I feel better now…

But the process inspired me to develop a “skyscraper” method to help you build your foundation up as well.

Having the energy like you’re in your early 20’s again is the dream…

Feeling spry, focused, and able to take on whatever the day throws at you…

Crazy thing is, this can be the REALITY (even if you’re over 50).

The sad thing is, for most people they’re struggling with feeling good.

They have brain fog and it’s hard for them to get out of bed.

So what’s the difference?

The clear path to feeling great is what I call the Skyscraper Method.

To understand the method, think of how a skyscraper is built.

We see these towers raise into the sky….

And tower over everything.

With great views.

They are amazing structures.  Wonders of the world.


What most people don’t see is the how DEEP the foundation is.

These foundations may go 200 feet into the ground below where the eye can’t see.

Though all we can see is from the ground up.

Now, this is the same thing that gets in the way of people’s health.

We take supplements that help build the body FROM THE GROUND UP.

I’d like to share a possibility that what’s missing for most people is the FOUNDATION.

A skyscraper without a foundation falls over…

And a body without a foundation never heals itself.

So that said – how do we create a solid foundation?

One of the first protocols we recommend is PEPTIDES to solidify the foundation.

With peptides you don’t need to take them forever.

Because they are like building a solid foundation. 

A solid foundation lasts and lasts and lasts.

(This is the missing component for most people)

Once the correct foundation is built, you just need the right protocol to build your tower.

Now, if you’ve tried protocols and they didn’t help.

And you thought they were a waste of money…

It’s possible that you had the RIGHT protocol, just no foundation.

Imagine if the only reason you’ve felt bad for the past few years…

Is you had the foundation wrong?

Sounds strange, but I’ve seen this literally 1000’s of times!

One of our biggest requests has been for people to create this skyscraper protocol for them.

So we developed a specific 6 month protocol package to do this.

I knew we had to come up with this after some of the testimonials we’ve heard.

Like Karen being frustrated because for 5 YEARS she missed out on her family because she wasn’t feeling well.

Or how Jim T. had to give up working out and the benefits because he had stomach problems… And lost his sex life in the process.

Or how brain fog forced Joe R. to lose ihs business and his financial nest egg.


Beyond the financial impact, it’s taxing  to our mind, body, and soul feeling sick.

Each one of the people said they would have paid ANYTHING to get their health back.

How much it cost to get better was a drop in the bucket compared to the medical system.

The sad thing as well, is they can never get the time back they lost not feeling well.

But the good news is you CAN stop the downward cycle and start feeling yourself AGAIN in 2020.

PS:  Have you ever anxiously purchased a supplement hoping it would make you feel better?

But after a few days of taking it, nothing happened….

And by day 14 you thought you’d wasted your money?

Here’s some crazy insight:

It’s not your fault.

And more than likely it’s the fault of the supplement.

Say what?

After helping 1000’s of people regain their energy and feel 20 again, the number #1 problem I’ve found is this:

People buy supplements that deal with a SYMPTOM of a problem.

But the supplement doesn’t deal with the UNDERLYING PROBLEM.

Hence what I was sharing with you last week about the “Skyscraper Method”.

Think about this:

Say you were lifting weights and your shoulder started getting sore.

So you took a supplement for muscle soreness.
And one for joints….
And one for strength….

Yet after a few weeks, your shoulder was getting worse.

At this point it’s normal to think the supplements don’t work.

I want to submit a possibility in this situation: 

Supplements only work when the underlying cause is solved.

The above situation is something that happened to a friend.

He’d tried $1,000’s worth of supplements to no avail.

He was gaining weight because he couldn’t work out.
And started getting moody with his kids.

Wasn’t sure what was wrong.

He came to me skeptical – which I’m used to now.

Now when we started him on a course of stomach peptides to fix the problem he thought I was CRAZY.

A week later when the shoulder soreness started to go away, he started asking more questions..

3 weeks later when he was back in the gym feeling stronger than before, he became a believer.

The underlying cause?

His stomach wasn’t processing food effectively.  So he wasn’t getting the vitamins and nutrients from the food and supplements.

Once he fixed the issue with peptides, suddenly his shoulder symptoms went away.

He might have went on struggling with his shoulder for years.


Because he was missing a fundamental step on the health pyramid. 

There’s no way to accelerate growth if our foundation is off.

Good news for him, once he fixed the foundation life changed.

Wondering if you have a “foundational” issue?

If so, I would start with a course of peptides to balance out your body

(Not sure which one to order, just reply to this email and I can help).

Then you’ll have a solid foundation.

And just maybe, all of the supplements you are taking now will work as they are supposed to.