Hormone and Peptide Corrective Therapy for Age-Related Diseases

by: - LIPPMAN, Ph.D., Richard,  


Most people in their 40s or 50s have slow production of hormones therefore, it extremely changes their lives, moods, and personality. People in their youths have much more active and definite relationships. It’s vital to rebalance yourself for a better health and a happier life.

Dysfunctional adrenal glands cause many hormone deficiencies. It produces essential hormones like DHEA and cortisol. Another deficiency is inadequate thyroid hormones which makes you sluggish particularly in the early mornings. Moreover, it causes severe weight gain, development of hanging jowls and hair loss from eyebrows, mainly in middle-aged women. Decline in sex drive is another problem with symptoms like flaccid erections and reduced libido. Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra® only help briefly.

 Nutrient, peptide, and hormone imbalances can cause slow disintegration but with the help of educated doctors, they can review and improve their personalities by consuming micro-dose amounts of hormones and peptides.

Many people concentrate only on estradiol and testosterone therapies due to lavished advertisements on media. Not knowing that these two therapies are just a little part of what they actually require to be healthy, vibrant, and alive.

 The body of people aged over 45 produces tiny quantities of cortisol although it’s crucial for basic energy level and the health of the immune system. Low levels of cortisol endanger the immune system that one wouldn’t recuperate from any viruses.

 People with inadequate hormones and nutrients have irregular and unclear blood levels. Blood values of various hormones and nutrients are frequently irregular depending on age. The reasonable action path is to choose the regular blood level of typical healthy youngster.

A complete study of the literature

This study of endocrinology showed that numerous people above 30s have minor to severe thyroid hormones inadequacy, which causes 43% increase in dying chances. Some in their 40s and 50s start losing production of the peptides vasopressin, oxytocin and melanotan 2 and age-related health problems begin.

Taking micrograms of hormones and peptides as a start can change your personality completely. It can take a year to shape into a better person and through that the hormones and peptides work effectively to change you.

Seeking to overcome few aspects of aging process isn’t easy and neither is finding the right doctors educated in anti-aging medicine. Some doctors could say that your aging symptoms aren’t real. Others could say that the hormone and peptide correction is very expensive and it was a waste for patients’ money. While these doctors thought the hormone and peptide correction is meaningless, in the real sense, they were all wrong. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has knowledgeable doctors and one could get referrals.

A physician’s help to regain healthy life

It is paramount to find the right anti-aging physician that would strive with you to set-right all the required essential nutrients, peptides, and hormones to achieve good health or else you’ll suffer in the hands of ignorant doctors. A good physician is better than endocrinologists who only treat diabetes and are trained in theory to treat hormone deficiencies, which they rarely use after medical school.

Microgram quantities of peptides and hormones help relieve many aging problems. Basically, any patient above 50 years should correct between 6-10 hormones to attain a more youthful lifestyle. Inadequate peptides and hormones could be the core reason most people live to their 70s undergoing decreased life quality and health.

Disintegration is aging, but it can be moderately switched

Many older people aim to maintain youthful mind and body, but the clear truth is that some of their body parts have disintegrated completely. Treating yourself daily with more than a dozen peptides, hormones, and nutrients helps regain the sunlight of hormonal bliss.

 Some essentials you may need daily include; DHEA, melatonin, Armour® thyroid, oxytocin, aldosterone, vasopressin, vitamin D3, testosterone cream, releasing-Pro™, and the Hertoghe Cocktail including; MSH2-Pro®, IGF-1 and growth hormone. The Russian peptide mixtures is another option, these include; Endoluten®, Vladonix®, Cerluten®, Ventfort® and Testoluten® among others.