Highway to health with Peptides

Highway to health with Peptides

Hi I’m Bryan and I am a manager here at QI – Like you, my journey to QI Supplements started when traditional health methods failed…. 

I’m going to share my story.

I feel like I’m 22 again.  I literally recover like a man half my age.

But it wasn’t like this for 10 years.

Not even close.

Rewind 5 months ago and I thought I might be dying.

My family was embarrassed.  They would hardly bother to look at me… and those few times they did, it was to look down on me.

They thought I had mental issues and I was crazy.

Now how have things changed☺.

Let me ask you this…

How many people have you seen out there who have been led astray by the medical community?

They were told:

You’re older and just deal with it.
They were told “low energy” is common.
Or someone told them to take “pills” because they were depressed.

Lots of people struggle with this!

I was told the same thing. 

But, I decided to be responsible for my own well-being.

To be EMPOWERED around my own health.

6 months ago I started educating myself on healing my body naturally.  Thinks like learning about cell repair vitamins.

This commitment was the catalyst.
The single thing that helped me overcome a debilitating condition…

And to start feeling like I was ½ my age again…

I was able to keep up with my 2-year-old daughter and still have to get work done.

This journey started with taking peptides to help restore my body.

Now I know I’ll have energy throughout the day…

Instead of the ups and downs that happened for years.

How I healed my body

There is something I learned about restoring health that is so powerful, it literally creates dopamine for your body.

The result:  It elevates your mood and helps you feel good in minutes.  This elevated level starts the body on the natural healing process.

Natural dopamine

Cold showers literally help restore your body.

Done right, you create a dopamine release that makes you feel amazing.

Done wrong – as most people do – and you’re just punishing yourself.

Remember – We’re after feeling spry and half our age.

Not with the brain fog that drags us down.

A few months back in my health journey I came across some research from Vladimir Khavinson

about anti-aging.

This guy is a legend in the anti-aging community.

I started researching about Peptides and how they were once a military secret for high-performing troops.

This was all based on the principle of hacking our biology at a cellular level.

This stimulates the body’s ability to repair organs to its natural state.

You can buy the book here:

The peptide bioregulator revolution book

I was blown away and wondered why everyone doesn’t know about these?

As with most things, the problem with smart supplements is you don’t need to take them forever!

That creates a problem for companies that want you to become “dependent” on a medicine.

Because it’s bad for profits.

So after researching these peptides, I started a combination to restore my digestion.

You can find the combination I took here

Peptide bundle 

A combination of those peptides and cold showers started me on the highway to health.

I also stopped taking vitamins.

The results have been crazy.

I’m sleeping better.
I’m not tired every afternoon.
I’m getting 10X done what I used to (which has to lead to more money and time off).

I meant something else.  Nothing to do with what you’ll read in most health journals.

There are so many naturals ways to help your body and mind.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are times and conditions we need to go to the doctor.

But natural remedies can do SO MUCH good for the body.

Now, the problem is for a big company “natural” means no money to be made…

So they do anything to discredit these cures.

Not QI.  This is one of the reasons I believe in the company.

Because it’s all about helping people get WELL.

Regardless of whether or not they are a customer.

So back to natural cures:

We talked about cold showers.  These work wonders.

And so does the sauna.  This was a game-changer for me.

Sauna’s are great for:

Weight Loss
Pain relief
Cardiovascular health

(consult with your doctor before using the sauna if you have a medical condition)

Regular sauna sessions helped me detox from the issues I had with vitamins.

I mixed these sessions with Hot yoga to detoxify.

One of my breakthroughs came from these sessions.

Because my body was in detox mode….

I became aware of certain foods that made me not feel well.
(Oatmeal and palm sugar were 2 of the foods that bothered me)

Once I was able to identify the issues, it became clear how to get well.

There’s a number of great food sensitivities tests out there.

Here’s one we carry

Here are a couple other things that help with detox

The benefit of Saunas

The power of cold therapy by Wim Hof

This guy used cold therapy to improve health and even climbed Mt. Everett in his shorts!

Now, here’s the truth:  I was very skeptical at first.

Buying a bunch of things that were supposed to make me feel better that didn’t work.

I was hanging out with my friend Julia and she asked me if I’d ever tried elimination testing for my issue.

I laughed!

How is eliminating things going to help?

I need something to help me!

She shared a report with me and told me I should try eliminating EVERYTHING.

You can read about the report here

It was interesting.

So the challenge was on…. To figure out what was making me sick.

And I was willing to try anything.

Two weeks in I’d eliminated coffee and it was a disaster….

I was falling asleep midday and struggling to get work done.

Then, I took out something and in 3 days I felt 10X better.

Funny story, really.

I thought it was just a couple day fluke.

So I started testing.

I took a 5 mile run.
I went to hot yoga.
I even tried to eat everything BAD again.

And I felt great (besides the sugar crash).

My body was able to process food again and my allergies went away.

Was that a fluke?

I don’t think so.

You see… I got well because I balanced my body.

Let’s be honest….  None of us really believe that we can take fewer supplements and feel better


Everyone will tell you more supplements will help us feel better.

And I believed it.

But my functional doctor – No!  He said flat out the wrong supplements can make us sick.

And I felt so bad and thought I was dying….

I was willing to try ANYTHING.

So I tested different combinations.

Taking certain supplements out.

I had been improving slightly by taking Peptides, so I kept those going.

I was still having incredible brain fog and depressive episodes.

Nothing seemed to make me feel well.

One of the last things I cut out was my $70/month multi-vitamin.

2 days later, I noticed how effective I was solving problems.

My wife also noted that the mood swings were going away.

A week later combined with the peptides, I started feeling 10 years younger.

I thought it might just be luck.

So I tried eating ice cream and cookies (I’d had problems with those for years).

Felt fine besides the sugar crash.  The next day I felt normal.

It was strange. 

I started doing hot yoga again…

My body felt GREAT and recovered quickly (Instead of 2-3 days).

Acting half my age I decided to go out with friends and have WAY too many drinks.

The next day I woke up expecting a 2-day hang-over.

Weird thing, I felt totally fine. 

My friends called to check-in and see how the hungover I was.

They were shocked when I said I felt great.

No Joke.  My body in a few days started responding like it was 15 years younger.

Gone were the heart palpitations, anxiety, and a host of other problems.

All of the problems that my doctor said I had to ACCEPT my age.


Eliminating vitamins that weren’t helping and taking peptides saved my life.

I FINALLY have the energy to keep up with my 2-year-old.

It’s almost unbelievable how good I feel.

If you’re wanting to feel great again as well, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Start taking notes on any patterns you start to see with your body/emotions.

You may notice that times of day, food, or certain environmental stressors cause issues.

2.  Look at how you can RESTORE your body. 

Peptides changed my life. 

Once my stomach problems got better, I was REALLY in tune with my body. 

I started taking a dose of peptides for the pancreas, liver, and heart.

I plan on taking a dose for my eyes as well.

Here’s the best thing – they are CHEAP compared to the $25K+ I spent trying to solve my health issues.

And the mental hell me and my family went through.

The best part as well, you don’t need to take them forever.

You can take 1 round and feel better.

Feeling 20 years younger is closer than you think.

Traveling after recovery

Regardless of whether or not Peptides are right for you, I wish you well on your journey to great health.

If you’re struggling and aren’t sure what to do, feel free to reach out.  We’re here to support you whether or not you become a customer.

Remember, you don’t have to accept the limitations people have put on you.

To your health,

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PS:  Not sure what Peptide or protocol is best for you?  Call us or send a chat on this page and we’ll make sure to answer any questions and support you on your journey to health.