GCB70-Pro for Natural Weight Loss

GCB70-Pro for Natural Weight Loss

For many people wanting to lose weight, it can be a nightmare, especially if they cannot find an effective way to help them shed the extra pounds.GCB70-Pro is a diet supplement that helps in weight loss. The supplement is made from the decaffeinated extract of green coffee beans. It contains 70 percent chlorogenic acids. GCB70-Pro helps burn fat while at the same time slowing the release of sugar into your blood.

Green Coffee Beans: What Are They?

 When we talk of green coffee beans, we refer to regular coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. Roasting coffee beans gives them the brown to dark color you see. Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and other pharmacologically active substances. Two important compounds you will find in coffee beans are chlorogenic acid and caffeine. The main active ingredient found in coffee beans is chlorogenic acid and is the one thought to help in weight loss. Roasting the beans removes chlorogenic acids. This is the reason why green coffee extract has more potential to help in weight loss. Because they are fresh and unroasted, they contain a higher concentration of chlorogenic acids. Taking regular coffee beans will not offer the same effect as taking green, unroasted coffee beans.   

 The coffee used to make GCB70-Pro is decaffeinated meaning that it does not bring the side effects that are associated with caffeine.Caffeine has various side effects when taken in large amounts. Some of the side effects include rapid heartbeat, jitteriness, and anxiety. And, because GCB70-Pro is decaffeinated, it implies that the side effects brought about by caffeine are significantly reduced. 

How GCB70-Pro Helps in Weight Loss

 If you are going to lose weight, you need to make the right food and diet choices. Sometimes, it’s not about the amount of calories you are taking in, but more so about the science behind the foods you take. When you choose foods that have a high number of antioxidants, you are of course making the right choices. But what do antioxidants do? These substances help protect your body cells against damage caused by free radicals. When the cells are protected, the DNA in the nucleus of the cells is also protected.

 You will have better functioning cells, something that translates to more efficient production of energy in the cells. Having sufficient production of energy in cells increases metabolism. The body can convert fats and the sugars you have consumed into energy. GCB70-Pro plays a big role in this process by preserving the natural antioxidants the body produces. When you have your natural antioxidants, the body will be able to ensure the cells are healthy and your metabolism is enhanced, which in turn helps convert sugars and fats into energy. This way, you help reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, which brings about decreased body weight.

GCB70-Pro also helps decrease plasma leptin and is safe for vegetarians. This all-natural, patent-pending product works to decrease waist circumference and body mass index.

 Green coffee affects how the body absorbs and uses carbohydrates. Studies conducted in animals have shown that supplementing chlorogenic acids helps reduce the absorption of glucose. The effect on the metabolism of glucose may also be implicated in diabetes management. It may also help explain the effects chlorogenic acid has on body weight.

 In a clinical study done over a period of 12 weeks, interesting findings regarding the effectiveness of GCB70-Pro in helping reduce weight were provided. The study showed that there was about 6 percent reduction in weight as well as waist circumference in 98 percent of the trial group. The extract of green coffee beans may help the body burn sugars and fat. It also helps slow down the release of sugars into the blood meaning that it reduces fasting glucose levels. Studies have also shown that the chlorogenic acid in coffee has effects on the absorption of glucose and its use in the body.

 When the chlorogenic acid-enriched coffee is used for an extended period, it may help reduce body fat and body mass. The high concentration of chlorogenic acid can also reduce oxidative stress and help destroy the damaging free radicals. Patients who take chlorogenic acid may also have lower blood pressure. In essence, in addition to reducing weight, chlorogenic acid helps maintain good cardiovascular health. 

 Studies conducted in mice have indicated that chlorogenic acid helps to reduce body weight. It helps reduce absorption of fat from the diet. Chlorogenic acid also helps reduce fat stored in the liver while improving the function of adiponectin, a fat burning hormone.

 Dosage Information

 You need to take one capsule at least 15 to 30 minutes before having your breakfast and dinner. You are advised to maintain a gap of 10 to 12 hours from one dose to another. GCB70-Pro comes in a pack of 30 capsules of 500 gm.

Are There Side Effects

 Natural supplements tend to have fewer side effects, if at all, compared to most synthetic products. From the studies that have been conducted, GCB70-Pro appears to show a quite good safety profile. Nonetheless, some people may have side effects and it is advisable that if you notice unusual signs or symptoms when using the supplement, you check with a doctor.

 In one study, participants had to opt out because they experienced symptoms like headaches, but the study was quite small to show that the effects were actually arising due to the use of the GCB70-Pro- it could have been something else or just a coincidence.

 The new formula of GCB70-Pro has the extract decaffeinated. This means that many of the side effects associated with caffeine are eliminated. Chlorogenic acid found in GCB70-Pro may bring about side effects like diarrhea and a laxative effect. People allergic to green coffee beans may also experience symptoms of allergy. Pregnant women and children are not advised to take this supplement.  

The Bottom Line

 In summary, GCB70-Pro helps you keep your weight in check. If you have a healthy diet along with GCB70-Pro, it may help get good results. However, you need to know that weight loss is not a quick fix thing and you should be looking forward to having long-term results. Remember exercise and diet are two important things in losing weight.