Does Candy Make You Happy?

Does Candy Make You Happy?

How many times have you reached out for a candy bar when you’re feeling down? Do you wonder if candy makes you happy? Click here to find out the truth!

Does candy make you happy? Well, of course! What’s better than a delicious candy bar after a tough day at work or a date that’s gone wrong?

But wait, before you get so hyped up and eat your entire stock of candy, be wary that it can have a terrible effect on your physical and mental health in the long term. 

Continue reading to learn more about how candy affects your mood and whether you should include it in your diet or not.

Effects of Sugar on Mood

Sugar can improve your mood when consumed occasionally, but things may go South when it gets out of control. Frequent sugar rushes will put you in a bad mood, especially if you aren’t satisfied with your overall lifestyle choices.

Can Sugar Cause Depression?

You’re now probably thinking that “sugar makes me feel better,” and while that can be true, it’s not really how sugar affects your brain. 

When you consume high quantities of sugar in the form of comfort food, you create imbalances in your brain that may ultimately lead to depression. Of course, it’s fine to consume some sugar every now and then, but reaching out for candy and other sugary foods to manage your emotions will make you stuck in an endless loop that your brain and body won’t like. 

There’s also a strong link between sugar and stress. Consuming too much sugar may also make it more challenging for you to deal with stress, simply because sugar works as a stress-suppressant, but in a “bad way.” 

Over time, you’ll become more reliant on sugar to combat stress and less reliant on your body. Think about it; if you somehow managed to get magical wings that make you fly and you stopped using your legs to walk, they won’t remain as strong as they once were, would they?

Sugar and anxiety may also be related, as people who consume higher amounts of sugary candy are more prone to developing anxiety down the line. Sugar withdrawal anxiety is even compared to addictive substances, which gives you a quick idea about the magnitude of the problem.

Are There Any Benefits of Eating Candy?

Despite the health risks of overconsuming candy, it can have some benefits when eaten in moderation. 

According to U.S. Dietary Guidelines, 50 grams of added sugar per day is generally considered healthy for an adult with a Basal Metabolic Rate (MBR) of 2000 calories. In other words, you can still fit some candy into a healthy diet.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Quick fuel. The sugars in candy are consumed quickly by your body, unlike complex sugars that take longer to break down. So, if you really need to bike your way to an important date, eating a quick candy bar would definitely help.

  • Socializing. Hanging out with friends for some candy from time to time won’t hurt. In fact, you’re going to have fun with your friends, which will make you feel happier and improve your mood.

  • A great taste. Let’s face it; candy tastes exceptional! So, if you need a delicious snack, a candy bar would be an excellent choice.

Key Takeaways

In short, candy can cause happiness momentarily, but overconsuming it, coupled with a poor lifestyle and an unhealthy diet choice, will make you feel depressed and increase your risk of developing serious physical or mental conditions.

This doesn’t mean that you must cut off sugar from your diet completely. You just need to consume it in moderation as a tiny part of your diet.