Discovering the Potential of The Regenerative Ability of Your Body by Using Stem Cell Worx

The body has several different cell types. However, the adult stem cell proves to contain a great potential. The undeveloped cells play major roles in the body when needed. The cells are responsible for repairing various body tissues and organs by proliferating into different specialized cells. The vital role that the cells play ensures that wounds and scars are healed, injured bones and cartilages are repaired, and the muscle wear and tears are repaired. The unique ability of the stem cells to renew and use the cells that are present in the body makes it an important subject in the science of regenerative medicine. The science behind adult stem cells has resulted in manufacture of the Stem Cell Worx, an important discovery that tries to demonstrate the regenerative potential of the body. 
Classification of stem cells
Stem cells are generally the cells from which other body cells originate from. They are unspecialized, and when kept under optimum conditions they can be active and can differentiate for a very long period. Moreover, they can differentiate into specialized cells such as the nerve, blood, or muscle cells.
Stem cells are classified into embryonic and adult cells. The adult cells are also called the somatic stem cells and they will be the focus of a study to be discussed in this document. The adult stem cells are found in muscles, organs, and tissues and they are present in both adults and newborns.
Functions and types of adult stem cells
The adult stem cells play a role of repairing damaged or dead cells and regenerating new cells. A process of cell division achieves that process whereby the adult stem cells multiply. The organs or tissues where they are located are known as the stem cell niches and such tissues and organs include the muscles, gut, skin, liver, brain, umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, and heart. It was initially thought that they were only located in the bone marrow. The adult stem cells are further categorized and named depending on the specific organs and tissues they originate from such as the stromal, mesenchymal, hematopoietic and CD3+.
The adult stem cells are very versatile in nature. This is contrary to the initial belief that the adult stem cells only differentiate into the specific cells and tissues that they originate from as compared to the embryonic stem cells, which may develop to any type of cell. The process is known as trans-differentiation and the discovery was a major breakthrough in the science of regeneration and the process has been widely applied to treat various ailments.
Application of adult stem cells in the field of medicine
The discovery of the diversity of stem cells has been widely applied in the field of medicine. Blood cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation in most instances, they always lose their bone marrow. The regenerative science has made it possible for the bone marrow to be transplanted. The infused bone marrow can manufacture the needed blood cells that are vital for the body. The adult stem cells have also been applied in cases of heart attacks and heart failures, both of which lead to the massive destruction of the heart. The patient’s own cells are used and have proved to be very efficient in treatment of autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders and in cases such as burns, injured spinal cords, repairing cartilages and bones and damaged tissues.
The basic science behind the application of adult stem cells is the harvest of the cells when an individual is still healthy. When the individual gets sick, the harvested stem cells are thawed and are injected back to an individual for treatment.  Stem cells can be optimized by using some supplements. The supplement referred to as Stem Cell Worx have three major ingredients namely colostrum’s, resveratrol and fucoidan that activate the stem cells. The following are the specific benefits of the ingredients.
The substance is produced in the mammary glands of mammals before the birth of the newborn. The colostrums contain substances that are very vital for immunity such as antibodies and immunoglobins. Furthermore, they contain cytokines that prompt the activation of bone marrow once they are in the blood stream. The colostrum encourages proliferation, differentiation, and migration in the mesenchymal stem cells. The colostrums that is present in the Stem Cell Worx® is of higher quality than that found in humans and it is abundant in growth and immune boosting properties.
This is a substance that is found in seaweed. It has abundance in polysaccharides, which have several benefits in the body such as boosting the immune functions, enhancing cellular communication, repairing the tissues and enhancing longevity. Fucoidan induces production of some substances leading to differentiation of some stem cells into osteoblasts that have been proved to encourage bone regeneration.
This substance is an oxidant that has several benefits of boosting the health of an individual. It protects different organs from aging by activating certain enzymes whose major function is to regulate the lifespan. They also aid in metabolic homeostasis. Resveratrol has been widely studied and it has been verified that it has several therapeutic benefits such as increasing the functions of the mitochondria, activation of stem cells, reduction of oxidative stress and guarding the body from metabolic diseases.
The Effectiveness of the Stem Cell Worx®
The combination of colostrum, fucoidan and resveratrol to make Stem Cell Worx makes the supplement more powerful as the individual specific properties of the ingredients are unleashed. This supplement is mainly introduced into the body through intraoral delivery. It is sprayed under the tongue and the rich capillary network under the tongue makes it easy for the supplement to be absorbed in the blood stream. The intraoral introduction of the drug makes it more effective as it avoids the problems associated with swallowing whereby the drug may be altered by the stomach acids, liver action and the harsh conditions of the GI tract.
The generative science of the adult stem cells has proved to be highly effective in keeping the age-related disorders at bay. The ability of the stem cells to differentiate once activated into specialized cells ensures that different cells and organs function effectively hence ensuring a healthy life. The application of regenerative science to manufacture Stem Cell Worx® boosts the regenerative ability of the body by activating the unspecialized stem cells that play an important role to ensure the body is healthy. The proper dosage of the supplements goes a long way to ensure the age-related disorders are absent and aged individuals enjoy their old age.