Cerluten for nervous center regulation

Cerluten for nervous center regulation

Cerluten for nervous center regulation

The Central nervous system plays a key role in our lives - It coordinates internal organ function and regulates how we think, learn, move, and feel. As we age, the system may start malfunctioning which can lead to serious disorders. Thankfully, there are ways to improve function and slow the aging process.

Before we talk about that, let's break down a bit about the Central nervous system.

How The central nervous system works

The nervous system is the primary control of our body and is made up into two parts: The central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

The peripheral nervous system is divided into two main parts: The autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls involuntary physiological processes including heart rate, breathing, digestion, and sexual arousal.

The Somatic Nervous System stretches into almost all parts of your body. It controls muscle movement and takes in information from the ears, eyes, and skin and sends them back to the central nervous system.

The Central Nervous System is made up of the brain and the spinal cord.

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How The Central Nervous System Coordinates Internal Organ Function

Our bodies are made up of billions of nerve cells. Each neuron has a cell body and various extensions. The dendrites (shorter extensions) receive signals from other neurons and pass them into the cell body. The signals are passed on by the longer extension (axions) which can be over 3 feet long.

The neurons in the body have different functions: Motor neurons tell your muscles to move, and sensory neurons help you feel sensations.

The central nervous system also works in reverse - parts of your body can send signals to your brain cells - like how fast your heart is beating or how well your kidneys are functioning.

Other neurons control involuntary processes like heartbeat and regulating the digestive system. These neurons regulate organ function and respond to changes in heartbeat or a stress the central nervous system experiences.

There are many networks of neurons that allows the whole body to communicate. It's truly amazing how the body functions correctly with all the different systems.

Diseases and Disorders Of The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is an important controller in our body. But, when the central nervous system function is impaired it causes serious disorders in the body.

Disease is a huge cause of issues. Many cancers, multiple sclerosis (which affects the myeline sheath around the nerves) and autoimmune diseases can cause issues to the central nervous system.

Brain injuries such as a stroke can cause part of the brain to die and have trouble sending, receiving and interpreting information.

Toxic substances such as excessive alcohol, drugs, and processed food contribute to disease as does stress.

Also, as we age our neurons signals start to slow. This process may mimic some disorders. At the core, neuron's are not traveling as fast as they used to. This can cause loss of sensation in extremities as well as slower reflexes.

The cause of much of the issue with aging centers around the peptide deficiency and issues with protein synthesis.

Understanding the Peptide Complex

Peptide regulation is quite important to our health. We develop a peptide deficiency as we age. When our cellular metabolism slows down, our body starts to need supplementation to maintain health.

The problem is most supplementation, even supplementation of amino acids fail to restore peptide bioregulator function.

Most supplementation, even amino acid supplements fail to restore key functions.

Peptide Bio Regulators Show Signs Of Medical Breakthrough

Concentrated peptide bioregulators have been affective to initiate protein synthesis and reduce peptide deficiency in a number of studies over the past 40 years.

These short chain amino acids mimic natural peptides to help restore functionality. Over 15 million people have taken peptides over the past 30 years with no known side affects following the typical dosing regimen.

This has been true for the brain peptide bio regulator cerluten.

Cerluten Natural Brain Peptides

Cerluten is peptide complex a 5, one of the 50 cells natural peptides combinations. Cerluten helps restore the natural brain peptides and the central nervous system function.

Cerluten is recommend for people over 35, especially adult men with memory loss due to adverse conditions or stress. It is also helpful for people with brain injuries or diseases such as atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, depression, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuralgia, and peripheral neuropathy.

It is available on dosages of 20 capsules or 60 capsules (10 or 30 day daily dose). Cerluten is a dietary supplement with natural peptides. Ingredients are simple: micro crystalline cellulose (E460); beet sugar; sugar; lactose; calcium stearate, starch; peptide complex A-5 (brain peptides).



It's critical our central nervous system functions correctly. We've learned that the nervous system may start malfunctioning which can lead to serious disorders.

Cerluten supplement with the natural brain peptide helps patients suffering from central nervous system diseases according to multiple studies. Peptides as a whole need more attention to help with the aging process. 40 years of research have some incredible results for the body (not just the brain peptide bio regulator).

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