Bovine Colostrum: An Essential Ingredient in Stem Cell Worx

Bovine Colostrum: An Essential Ingredient in Stem Cell Worx

Stem Cell Worx is a natural dietary health supplement known to help activate adult stem cells in body in a natural way hence providing strong immunity. When adult stem cells are working optimally, it helps provide a platform for immense health benefits. A very important ingredient in Stem Cell Worx is bovine colostrum. This substance has been known for many years; however, its factual advantages have only come to be discovered in recent years following advancement in technology and use of more advanced testing techniques as well as increased public awareness.

When you talk of colostrum, it is the fluid before milk that mammal mothers produce for their newborns soon after birth. Colostrum consists of growth and immune factors and therefore supports the life of mammal babies during their first days of life. What people need to know is that colostrum isn’t milk and that colostrum’s are not the same.

 Bovine colostrum is a product from cows and forms part of the formulation of Stem Cell Worx. This colostrum is said to have at minimum, twenty-one times more immune and growth factors when compared to human colostrum. Another thing is that it has a molecule structure identical to that of humans.

 Stem Cell Worx contains high quality colostrum, which has over 54 percent of protein and more than 30 percent of antibody IgG. Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray containing bovine colostrum and other healthy ingredients is sprayed under an individual’s tongue thus allowing up to 95 percent absorption of nutrients into the body. The colostrum is obtained from healthy, controlled herds that have just given birth. It is collected in the frame of 12 hours from the time of calving.

 Some of the amazing growth factors that are found in this bovine colostrum are such as:

  •      Transforming growth factors A and B
  •      IGF- 2
  •      IGF-1
  •      Epidermal growth factor
  •      Platelet-derived growth factor
  •      Fibroblast growth factors
  •      Immune factors such as peptides, immunoglobulins, and cytokines.


Why calves require quality colostrum

 When calves are born, they lack immunity against microorganisms that are air-borne, meaning that if they are not fed with the right food, they may be attacked by diseases and die. The mothers’ colostrum should therefore have a huge amount of growth, immune and health factors to help the calves protect themselves against diseases. And, this is where bovine colostrum comes in handy- it is considered a highlynutrient-rich colostrum than other kinds of colostrum’s you find anywhere.

Bovine colostrum’s benefits backed by Clinic studies

 Over the past decades, there have been studies conducted to understand bovine colostrum and the central role it plays in helping calves survive after birth. Recently, there have been impressive findings regarding this substance as confirmed by the clinical studies and scientific researches coupled with testimonials.

 It is estimated that over 6000 research papers published in a few years tend to support the health benefits of this substance and have shown substantial advantages of consuming colostrum from bovines.

 The interest in studying the benefits of colostrum did begin the other day, in the beginning of 20thcentury; colostrum was used in polio vaccine. Albert Sabin, a physician was praised for his work of creating the very first polio vaccine. In his vaccine development, he advocated the use of colostrum and he went further to derive the first anti-polio antibodies right from colostrum.

 Further studies for development of the vaccine went on and forty years later, Peterson and Campbell were able to develop a program in which an immunization of cows was done using a mixture of pathogens just before giving birth to calves. This was based on an orthodox vaccine production theory.

 When the cows gave birth, they had what is known as immune colostrum or hyper-immunized colostrum. Studies carried out indicated that the hyper-immunized colostrum could help prevent and treat pathogens that cause infections.

 Following successive studies on colostrum, in 1992, Kummer was reported to be first researcher to show that the colostrum obtained from cows that are non-immunized could be useful in preventing gut related diseases in young children and infants. It is in this regard  that, the New Zealand Dairy Industry embarked on a colostrum collection program that benefited many farmers. Colostrum was picked from an estimated 400 cows, after which it was pasteurized, dried, and stored.

Quality of bovine colostrum found in Stem Cell Worx

 To ensure that this colostrum is of high quality, it is collected only from pasture-fed cows. The colostrum is considered to be GMO-free. Also, the cows from which the substance is collocated from do not undergo hormone treatment and they are free from BSE and antibiotics. These cows have been exposed to soil bacteria something that has given them enhanced immunity. Therefore, bovine colostrum obtained from these cows has high degree of healthy nutrients.

 The cows are grazed in managed pasturelands, which means that they do not need artificial hormones or supplemental gains. In addition, the bovine colostrum you find in Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Sprays has been collected fresh- usually within 12 hours after a cow has given birth. Because it is spray dried, it means that the nutrients are retained.

Why Humans need bovine colostrum

 As we age, immune and growth factors decline especially IGF-1. When the immune system weakens and the stem cells in the body are unhealthy, it means that our body is susceptible to diseases, aging, and infections. With bovine colostrum, it has more growth factors than you would find in whey powder.

Benefits of bovine colostrum

 It is abundant in growth and immune factors and these have been scientifically studied and proven to bind with adult stem cells where they stimulate these cells. Adult stem cells found in the bone marrow enter the blood stream where they begin to provide anti-aging and enhanced body’s immune system.

 A very important point to mention here is that other ingredients in Stem Cell Worx are needed in the mechanism for providing long-term proliferation of the adult stem cells.

 Other benefits of bovine colostrum are:

  • Increased endurance
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Repairs and renews muscles, nerve tissue, and skin cartilage
  • Increases far burning, metabolism, and helps in building lean muscle tissue
  • Considered a natural source for antibodies that help in destroying pathogens, which cause illnesses
  • A natural source for immune and growth factors that help in healing and protecting the gut wall.