Anti-Aging Supplements to Keep You Young

Anti-Aging Supplements to Keep You Young

Even with a carefully created healthy routine, you can miss out on some critical nutrients that will prolong longevity and improve your overall health as you age. Fixing that problem is as simple as consistently taking some carefully-chosen supplements. There's no reason to dread your next milestone birthday when you're aging beautifully and feeling good. That's the benefit of taking the best anti-aging supplements on the market. 

How to Choose the Right Anti-Aging Supplements for You 

 Different supplements will help you improve different aspects of your health. The best anti-aging supplements for you will depend on the specific concerns you have regarding aging. You may want to address visible signs of aging like wrinkles and dulling or thinning hair. Perhaps you're looking to prevent or reverse joint pains and other aches. 

Whatever signs of aging you are concerned about, there is likely an anti-aging supplement that can help you. Here are some examples of excellent accessories to take to combat aging:


Yes, one of the spices sitting in your spice cabinet at home can actually be taken as a potent anti-aging supplement. Turmeric is effective because it contains the active compound curcumin, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 

Scientific studies have shown turmeric provides several health benefits, including the potential to protect against stomach ulcers, diabetes and even slow the growth of some cancers. You can read more about those benefits here. It is beneficial for those who have arthritis, which affects people more as they age. 

You can take turmeric as an oral supplement to enjoy these benefits or use it as a topical treatment to address wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin imperfections that appear with age. 


Omega-3s, or omega-3 fatty acids, are essential nutrients that provide multiple health benefits. They're "good fats," and you can consume them in foods such as fish and nuts and seeds, but supplements are a great way to ensure consistent levels.  

Omega-3s help your blood flow properly to maintain glowing, youthful skin. They also lower inflammation, which is critical for heart health, especially for older adults. One study found that taking an omega-3 supplement can help preserve telomeres, small DNA segments that shorten with aging, and thus slow the aging process. 


Calcium, as you probably already know, is critical for bone health. As we age, our bones get weaker, and we naturally absorb less calcium from the foods we eat. That can spell big trouble for bone health. With less calcium and more fragile bones, you're more likely to fracture or break bones during any kind of physical accident.

That's a considerable risk you simply don't need to run. You can mitigate the effects of aging on bone health by taking calcium supplements. More calcium in your system means increased bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis, according to this research. Calcium supplements are particularly effective at improving bone health when taken alongside vitamin D supplements.

One study also found calcium supplements improved cardiovascular health in older patients, so that may be an additional anti-aging benefit of taking calcium supplements. Calcium is simply yet another anti-aging supplement you should consider taking to maintain or improve your health. 


Collagen is a protein and a key component in the connective tissues in our bodies. It degrades with age causing visible aging on the skin, including wrinkles and fine lines. For that reason, collagen is one of the best supplements for your skin. Research shows supplementing collagen will help you keep your skin looking plump and hydrated like you never aged a day. 

Since collagen is a major component of joints, taking collagen supplements may reduce symptoms of joint pain that increase as you get older. Healthier joints mean better mobility and increased comfort which is truly invaluable. And it may be as easy as simply taking a collagen supplement. 

Mental decline is another huge concern that people have surrounding aging, and Alzheimer's is a disease that's often on their minds. There is additional scientific research that indicates collagen may also help prevent Alzheimer's disease by protecting the brain from Amyloid-β peptides. In other words, collagen supplements may provide both surface-level and deeper, essential benefits to combat the adverse effects of aging. 

Supplement Safety

As much as introducing supplements is a great way to reduce the signs of aging and improve health, it's still very important to be safe while using them. Otherwise, the results could become less beneficial or even harmful. If you plan to start taking supplements you've never taken before, carefully read the ingredients, learn how the supplements interact with each other (if you're taking multiple), and consult your doctor to ensure the utmost safety. And remember not to make supplements your only solution to aging concerns, employing other healthy practices as well. 

Get Your Supplements

There's no reason to wait on starting your anti-aging supplement routine. Even if you're happy with the current signs of aging you see, you never know when that could change. You might as well start now and get on top of your health by adding supplements to your routine.  

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