A-18 Peptide For Muscles - Gotratix

A-18 Peptide For Muscles - Gotratix

It's no secret as we age our muscle loss accelerates and our immune system weakens.

But new research shows short chain peptides may be able to solve this problem by specifically activating repair of muscle tissue. This process happens when peptides initiate protein synthesis and natural muscle repair.

What causes muscle loss?

As we age, our muscles start to atrophy according to the Cleveland Clinic. This is when your muscles start withering and to look smaller than normal. Atrophy can be the cause of malnutrition, age, or certain underlying medical conditions.

The two main reasons for muscle loss are neurogenic atrophy (caused by disease) and disuse (not having an active lifestyle).

Disuse atrophy is common when people have a sedentary lifestyle, sit long periods at a desk, or do not workout. Disuse typically picks up around 40 years old and accelerates in people in their 60's.

Neurogenic atrophy can be caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis and ALS. These diseases are more common later in life and are typically caused by nerve damage. When the nerve damage happens, your body no longer thinks they are needed, the muscles start withering. This is common in lipoprotein metabolism disorders.

Symptoms of Muscle Loss

The symptoms of muscle atrophy differ depending on the cause of your condition. Signs can be common like reduced muscle mass.

There are also other less obvious signs like:

Numbness/weakness in one arm or leg
Trouble walking or balancing
Memory Loss
Difficult swallowing or speaking at advanced stage
Loss of organ or bodily function.

Peptides and protein synthesis

Protein synthesis

Peptides have been shown to help initiate protein synthesis and help cells regenerate. Short chain peptides and synthesized peptides are effective because they can be easily absorbed via the digestive system. Peptide bio regulators have been shown to interact directly with cell DNA - meaning that organs can repair tissues easier and faster when these bioregulators are active.

There are numerous peptides in the human body - Everything from the vascular system to the pineal gland has its own bioregulator. These individualized gene switches help regenerate tissue within this specific organ.

Unlike most dietary supplements, peptides are meant to be taken 1 time until the tissue is repaired OR one 10 day course every year for maintenance.

The A- 18 Gotratix Muscle Peptide

The A-18 muscle peptide bioregulator contains natural muscle peptides. The peptide complex helps the regenerative processes of muscles. This allows them to grow and adapt quickly to new conditions. The active peptide also helps the peroxidation processes in the muscular tissues.

Benefits of Gotratix

Short chain peptides as a dietary supplement have shown to improve muscle health and may be linked to successful athletic performance. Natural peptides have no immunogenic or mutagenic properties, so they are considered safe and are a clean product.

Unlike proteins, peptide bioregulators are not designed to be taken each month.


Because peptide complexes RESTORE the tissue in the organ. This causes the organ to function normally again. This is why peptide supplements are becoming popular in naturopathic medicine.

Each type of peptide is specifically activating repair for an organ or bodily function. Similar peptide complexes have shown to have benefits to the central nervous system and blood vessels to name a few.

Natural muscle peptides dosing regimen

The typical dosing regimen for Gotratix is a 10 day or 30 day regime 1 time per year. The muscle peptide can be combined with other natural peptide combinations.

A maintenance phase of a peptide course every 4-6 months is recommended for people who begin to show symptoms again.

Gotratix consists of micro crystalline cellulose (E460); beet sugar, lactose, starch, and the peptide complex A-18. The typical dosing regimen a 10 day or 30 day regime 1 time per year. The muscle peptide can be combined with other natural peptide combinations.

A list of natural peptide combinations can be found here. There are details on how to match the appropriate peptides with certain conditions.

Intensive physical activity: A-6 Vladonix A-4 Sigumir A-3 Ventfort A-18 Gotratix A-5 Cerluten

Conclusion on Gotratix

Gotratix is part of exciting new research into our organs own unique peptide bioregulator. As research continues into how many peptide complexes humans have (right now there are considered 50), there becomes more opportunities for natural healing.

Based off current research, these peptide amino acids could be a game changer. They are a dietary supplement with natural properties, which makes them a good fit for Naturopathic medicine.

Peptides have shown they can keep stem cells from aging and more research is being done for using them as hormone replacement therapy.

Short Term Peptides Protect Oral Stem Cells From Aging

Licensed health care professional and want to learn how to offer peptides? Reach out to learn more about peptide therapy and concentrated peptide bioregulators.

How are Peptides Extracted?

Since the molecular mass of peptides are less than 5 kDa, free from foreign DNA or protein substance, extracted from organs and tissues of young calves by a patented method of thorough filtering. 5 kDa is very little. The molecular mass of DNA fragments and proteinaceous infectious particles, the prions, are several times bigger than that. Therefore these natural Russian peptide supplements are an extremely clean products. They do not have any immunogenic or mutagenic properties.