Vitalize Vitamin B12 Energy (Methylcobalamin) - 100 Tablets

Vitalize Vitamin B12 Energy (Methylcobalamin) - 100 Tablets

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Vitalize Vitamin B12 consists of methylcobalamine. Methylcobalamine is the bioactive form of vitamin B12. This bioactive form does not need to be converted and is directly effective by administering one melting tablet per day. A dose of vitamin b12 1000 mcg / ug per day promotes energy metabolism, helps with the production of red blood cells and supports the building of nerve cells.


Vitamin B12, for whom?

Energy is the basis of a healthy and pleasant life. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products such as milk, milk products, meat, meat products, fish and eggs.



The benefits of vitamin B12

  • Contributes to extra energy in the event o