Return Policy

  • If you purchase a product and need to return the item to our site, you must do so within 14-days of receipt of the item. The item must be received by our team unopened, in good condition to be resold, and with an expiration date of more than 12 months from the date returned. You will receive a buyer’s credit minus a reshipping fee. If you wish to receive full credit for the item or products, you will be charged a restocking fee for the items returned. You will not be refunded for the shipping costs and taxes but the actual cost of the item itself.
  • If you need to stop or adjust your order after it’s been placed but before shipping, it is subject to a $50 charge. You must pay this fee before doing any type of business with the company again in the future.
  • If you receive the wrong products, your products in less than perfect condition, or the package is destroyed before arriving, please contact our facility and prepare it to ship it back. If the company is found at faulty, your order will be reshipped a second time. If you prefer a full refund of the cost, it is subject to the charges mentioned above in item one.