Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder KIT w/ Bamboo Toothbrush - 30g (Mint Flavor)

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder KIT w/ Bamboo Toothbrush - 30g (Mint Flavor)

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Includes a Bamboo Toothbrush

  • MINT-FLAVORED CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING KIT removes stains on your teeth and restores your white smile. Our charcoal whitening powder contains a unique formula that removes unsightly stains on your enamel while also whitening and protecting your teeth. Qi Supplements activated charcoal is specially made from coconut shells. The natural action of the activated charcoal is complimented by our specially designed bamboo black bristle toothbrush.
  • OUR COCONUT SHELL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER contains no harmful substances you are likely to find in many whitening strips. The activated charcoal is made using natural coconut shells to give a unique formula for offering fresh breath and whiter teeth. With ingredients such as calcium carbonate, ilex rotunda extract, and menthol, the Qi Supplements activated charcoal whitener with bamboo toothbrush is the perfect method for achieving top oral health and fresh breath as well as white teeth.
  • The ALL-NATURAL BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH contained in our kit is the perfect match with our unique activated charcoal powder. The combination not only fights plaque but also protects the health of your teeth and your gums. Using the all-natural charcoal whitener paired with our black-bristled bamboo toothbrush preserves your enamel, removes stubborn plaque, and prevents gingivitis and tooth decay while also being easy on your gums.
  • The CHARCOAL POWDER AND BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH, when used together, gives you a crisp, soothing flavor with our menthol ingredient providing an adoring smile and fresh breath. Just use activated charcoal powder along with our bamboo toothbrush to brush your teeth twice a day. That 2 minutes of brushing using the smoothest, natural toothbrush is going to redefine your smile and teeth whitening experience. And it’s all environmentally friendly!
  • GET YOUR KIT OF CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING POWDER AND BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH KIT NOW! You can’t miss out on this perfect gift for your colleagues, friends, and family.

Qi activated charcoal teeth whitening powder provides you with the most effective product for whitening your teeth naturally. Made from Coconut shells, the activated charcoal is safe on your gums and enamel. While other whitening products will contain substances like carbamide peroxide that breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, our all-natural teeth whitener has been formulated to ensure safety and effectiveness. It whitens your teeth when used over time and takes away the unsightly stubborn stains on your teeth that are caused by things like wine, cigarettes, and coffee.

The activated charcoal teeth whitening powder fights plaque, which is a film of bacteria forming on the teeth and along the gum line. The bacteria acting on sugars and food remains may release acids that begin to wear out the protective enamel layer resulting in tooth decay. Not only that, most of these teeth whiteners have been said to cause tooth sensitivity, pain, and gum irritation.

So, if you aren’t impressed with teeth whitening peroxides such as carbamide peroxide, you may want to switch to Qi Supplements activated charcoal teeth whitening powder.

Qi activated charcoal teeth whitening powder offers you fresh breath with its menthol ingredient. You won’t have to worry about your mouth smelling bad when around people. This teeth whitener has ilex rotunda extract that offers anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis properties for wholesome protection of your teeth and gums from bacterial action. Just brush your teeth and gums two times a day using this activated charcoal teeth whitening powder and the results will speak for themselves.

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