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Ed Parr, Masters Track Athlete
Stem Cell Worx - Testimonial

Here's what sold me on it Stem Cell Worx from QI Supplements.  I'm a 64 year old masters track athlete (100m and 200m sprints).  Around 2 years ago when I upped my training regimen to both weight and sprint training 5-6 days per week, I experienced severe DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) that wouldn't go away.  My legs and shoulders hurt all the time - day and night!  Since then, I thought it was just part of the trials & tribulations of being a senior athlete. 

 What I subsequently learned in researching my recently published book “Break Free From Low T” is that adult stem cells are needed to repair muscle damage that occurs as a direct result of working out to build stronger muscles.  The problem, however, is that older adults have a fraction of the adult stem cells that 35 year olds have.  Note: Stem cells are needed for muscle repair and rebuilding.  Hence, for seniors, DOMs occurs frequently as a result of exercise and just doesn't dissipate as it would for a person at age 20 to 35. 

 After taking 10 sprays (instead of the recommended 6 sprays) twice per day for 30 days, my persistent DOMs went away.  WOW!  Today I get DOMs for a day or 2 after a heavy sprint or weight training session, but it dissipates after 3 or 4 days permanently.  FANTASTIC!

 BTW, I upped the sprays from 6 to 10 because I read a testimonial by a 30+ year old teacher in SE Asia who worked out heavily and recommended 10 sprays instead of 6.  Even though he was 30 or so years old, I felt that if he was getting a better response at his much younger age than me from Stem Cell Worx by doing 20 sprays per day, I should try doing the same. 

 Frankly, when I tried the first bottle and did the recommended 12 sprays per day for 44 days, my DOMs didn't dissipate at all.  I think the higher spray count is what I needed because my second bottle using 20 sprays per day did the trick within a week or so.


 Ed Parr

Austin, Texas


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