Testes Peptide Bioregulator (Testoluten®) 20 Caps


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  • 20 x 200mg capsules

    Benefits of Testoluten peptide bioregulator

    Testoluten is a peptide bioregulator which actively increases and cares for the function of the testes.
    • Maximizes the reproduction of testicular semen and testosterone
    • Offers the benefits of hormonal stability in men of advanced age
    • Improves testosterone, libido, and sexual performance
    • Raises fertility by balancing sperm cell motility
    • Helps cure issues of low testosterone
    • No unpleasant and adverse side effects

    Testosterone generation declines with age, and it's normal in older men. A decrease in libido, reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, depression and depleted blood hemoglobin levels are some of the consequences of low testosterone levels.

    Effects of aging and the importance of Testoluten

     Distinctly different from women, men do not experience an abrupt change in fertility with age. Instead, transition occurs slowly through a process that people call andropause.

    Aging in men affects primarily the male reproductive system, and the changes immediately appear in the testicles and its functions.  Testicular tissue mass deteriorates and the steady production of the male sex hormone called testosterone, drops, which lessens sex drive. Erectile dysfunction usually becomes a problem. Getting an erection becomes more difficult with age and this typically creates substantial psychological concern for most men.

    A progression  also happens called sclerosis wherein the tubes that carry active sperm become less elastic. The testicles do carry on producing sperm, but the production rate of the sperm cell reduces. The epididymis, seminal vesicles, and prostate gland drop certain surface cells but continue to yield the fluid that aids to transmit sperm.

    Precisely utilized to reinforce and maintain testicular functions, the Testoluten peptide bioregulator supports the body’s natural resources to increase testosterone levels.

    Testoluten is a dietary supplement with natural testicular peptides. It normalizes the function of the testicles by reducing their peptide deficiency and reinstating protein synthesis inside their cells. Testoluten is suggested for all man over 40, particularly those with low testosterone and libido, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility. Testoluten can be simply combined with extra supplements and medications, and can be used in addition to conventional medicinal treatments.

    Peptide Bioregulators

    Peptide Bioregulators are substances, a short chain of peptides rather that acts together with DNA strands to quickly address bodily issues. It specifically targets tissues, cells, and glands, making the treatment highly efficient and abrupt compared to other form of treatments. And unlike stem cell therapy, peptide bioregulator supplement is much safer and more affordable. It is not mandatory to take this supplement on a daily basis to see its results, and it does not cause any harmful effects to the body unlike hormone replace therapy.  

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