Can-C Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine, 2 x 5 ml Vials


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  • Can C Eye Drops - Includes 2 - 5ml Vials

    • Removes free radicals that cause tissue damage  and cataracts
    • Offers nutrients to help protect against cataracts
    • Reverses cataract without the need for surgery

    Are you suffering or at risk of having cataracts? Can-C eye drops is a supplement product that helps provide you with nutrients to protect you against cataracts. Can-C eye drops contain a special form of di-peptide carnosine, which is a nutrient that occurs naturally and combines two protein fragments or amino acids. The special form of di-peptide carnosine contained in Can-C eye drops is known as N-acetylcarnosine or NAC.  This helps reverse cataracts without the need of a patient having surgery to correct the eye condition.

    N-acetylcarnosine has a “mopping up” effect where it removes free radicals that are known to be the cause of tissue damage and accelerated aging alongside development of cataracts in patients. N-acetylcarnosine, when in the aqueous humor, offers an antioxidant protection from oxidation that is caused by free radicals. Protect yourself from cataracts by using Can-C eye drops as a natural supplement for managing cataract condition. 

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