Stress Ease - 60 Capsules


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Made in USA
Made in USA
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  • Stress Ease takes a multi-faceted approach to address the causes of stress by using a patented ingredient, a high potency herbal stress blend, the proven amino acid Theanine as well as minerals.

    Sensoril – A scientifically proven, patented ingredient from the Ashwagandha herb. Reduces stress related symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, muscle pain, and more! 
    •  Promotes a relaxed state of mind
    •  Helps reduce the effects of tension
    •  Promotes emotional well-being 
    •  Lowers levels of cortisol (stress hormone)
    •  Boosts DHEA to give you energy 

    Unique Herbal Stress Blend:
    Holy Basil – Stress relief, relaxation
    Rhodiola – Helps with mood and fatigue
    Lemon Balm – An effective calming ingredient
    Eleuthro – Helps balance adrenal glands
    Theanine – An amino acid clinically proven to create relaxing Alpha brain waves so your brain can “calm down”. More bioavailable than GABA, and relaxes without sedating. Reduces physical and mental stress responses. 
    Inositol – Acts with the serotonin production in the brain and nerve systems and helps mood stabilization
    Vitamin B complex -  provides energy and boosts overall health
    Chromium - For muscles & nerves
    Magnesium - Relaxes muscles 
    Calcium - Calms nerve transmitters 
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