Nutrizyme - 120 Tablets


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Made in USA
Made in USA
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    • Proteolytic enzyme complex
    • Reduces fibrin in blood
    • Supports healing
    Nutrizyme is a specially formulated complex of proteolytic enzymes designed to support body function. It contains many enzymatic components and non-enzymatic components that assist many processes in the body including but not limited to circulation as well as the immune system. Nutrizyme also aids in joint health and healing processes in the body. Since Nutrizyme has a special enteric coating, this ensures that tablet does not break down in the stomach (stomach acid would destroy the enzymes) but continues into the small intestine and gets broken down and absorbed there for maximum effect. Enzymes are biological catalysts that participate in every single bodily process and are an important component to maintaining health. Since enzymes are essential for these chemical reactions in the body, Nutrizyme is a great supplement to help maintain a healthy body.
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