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January 12, 2017
Discovering the Potential of The Regenerative Ability of Your Body by Using Stem Cell Worx

The body has several different cell types. However, the adult stem cell proves to contain a great potential. The undeveloped cells play major roles in the body when needed. The cells are responsible for repairing various body tissues and organs by proliferating into different specialized cells. The vital role that the cells play ensures that wounds and scars are healed, injured bones and cartilages are repaired, and the muscle wear and tears are repaired. The unique ability of the stem cells to renew and use the cells that are present in the body makes it an important subject in the science of regenerative medicine. The science behind adult stem cells has resulted in manufacture of the Stem Cell Worx, an important discovery that tries to demonstrate the regenerative potential of the body.

November 07, 2016
Fertility Over 40: Unfurling Hope with Holistic Healing

Here in Northern California we recently experienced a lovely and long-overdue dousing of rain. In a similar vein, believing that they are in the fall of their fertility, many people who wait until their early 40s to conceive become easily influenced by the frequently espoused statistics of the medical establishment. The statistics warn that egg quality after age 35 irreversibly and rapidly plummets. Because of concern about failing fertility, hopeful feeling-pinched-for-time parents-to-be tend to move fairly quickly into more advanced reproductive technologies, often trying to conceive by attempting only a few cycles of simple intrauterine insemination and then turning to more invasive and expensive in vitro fertilization treatments.